Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love the Cikgu

Since 1995, the 3rd day of Hari Raya has always been a special day for my ex-classmate and me. We have never failed to visit these 2 most important houses, Rumah Cikgu Fauziah and Rumah Ustazah Mariah.

Cikgu Fauziah was our class teacher back then and it should be quite obvious for the reason of the annual visit to her house. Ustazah Mariah…well, I can’t actually remember why but we never failed to visit her house either. I need to check it again with my ex-classmate.

It has become sort like an annual gathering for us as well. To update with each other, to plan ahead in group etc… The whole class is like 20 students or something. All are boys. Although the number that turned up every year is inconsistent, the visit will always take place no matter what. During the time when we are all still a professional working bachelor, the gathering will mostly ended up with futsal game or another gathering at mamak restaurant. Now, with the bachelor title change to married man…the gathering will mostly ended up due to family matters…baby’s crying, driving back to parent-in-law house etc.

Cikgu Fauziah and Ustazah Mariah have always welcome us with warm. The story about my class has never failed a single year from 1995 till now to visit these 2 houses during 3rd Raya has been repeatedly told to form 5 student in Sultan Abdul Hamid College every year. Ustazah called us a legend in front of her student. Cikgu Fauziah kept her thought with her family. Hope, we still can do all this for another 100 years. I just love all the smiley faces.

For those who become a teacher or ustazah or lecturer or whatever educational line you are… just remember one thing, although the career that you took may not be the glamorous career ever but for your student, you’re their angel. For every years that passed by, for every groups of student that you have delivered your knowledge to, for every scolding and canning that sincerely to make the student to become a better person…. all that will always be a blessed memory and remembered as a good deed. My class is a good example as we pay our respect to our teachers every year. We pray for the best of our teachers in their life and the world after. Probably your student will do the same..who knows...

Munet's wife
My kids
Ustazah Mariah and her 1st daughter-in-law + grandchildren
Pit Gorgon's daughter and Yosh's son
Suki's wife
3 guys
Suki's son
Yosh and daughter
Cikgu Fauziah
Munet kantoi

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sawah Bendang

I'm not sure what went wrong but it suppose to be an easy task to photograph sawah bendang. Green padi field with the mountain background and beautiful blue sky. I just don't understand why my scenery picture of sawah bendang didn't have that impact....hmmmm...

So, changed the angle. Result :-

nahhh...not brilliant enuf.. :c

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. It’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri today. Everybody is ready since morning with his or her best suit to celebrate the eve today. As for me, I’m ready with my camera for this big day. Unfortunately, the result is nothing near to what I imagined at all. Insufficient lighting inside the house was the main contributor to that. I had to switch between using the flash and not using it. At the end, I got inconsistent skin tone, which is unpleasant. Anyway, that doesn’t stop the spirit of Hari Raya that day.

Gambar abah & yong (my mom)
This is the only picture of us together. My mom is the one who snapped it for us. Well, you can’t complaint on that. At least, we still have our picture together….hehehehe….

It is normal for abah’s relative to come to our house during 1st day of Hari Raya. We almost can’t catch up with the big crowd when it happened. I have to forget about my camera to help my mom in the kitchen. Seeing abah smiling and talking loudly with the guess makes me happy. It’s like the old days when abah is still ok and not using the wheelchair. He looks younger that day. Energetic and friendly…

Hari Raya is for everyone. Weather you’re poor or rich, healthy or unwell, young or old…everyone should celebrate it. For those people who know me or my family…weather we are still in contact or not, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin………(from Tajul and family)…

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya kat Alor Setar

Tahun nie raya kat Alor Setar. Kami start gerak dari rumah jam 1.30tgh hari Jumaat. Alhamdulillah, perjalanan lancar. Walaupun kereta byk kat atas highway tapi still boleh pecut 120km/h –140km/h. Cuma tersangkut sikit kat Tapah kot..tak tau lah apa mendanya…

Selalunya, bila time kami beraya kat Alor Setar…Kak Nim (kakak sulung) pun akan kena turn yg sama. Tapi sejak dari tahun 2005, Kak Nim tak dapat nak join 1st raya sebab dia ada kat Milan, Italy. Tahun nie, family aku sahaja yg ada kat kampung.

Malam raya tuh, ada group dari surau datang takbir raya kat umah. Alhamdulillah, ada lagi semangat macam tuh kat Alor Setar. Kalau rumah kita didatangi tetamu, byk keberkatan yg Allah Ta’ala bagi kat tuan rumah.

Sayu rasanya bila dengar takbir raya. Maknanya, Ramadhan dah berakhir tahun tuh. Pahala amalan jadi seperti biasa kembali. Kalau di bulan Ramadhan, perkara sunat dapat pahala wajib dan perkara wajib Allah gandakan sampai 70 kali ganda. Alangkah beruntungnya orang2 yg tak terlepas langsung sembahyang berjamaah dalam bulan puasa, yang menunaikan tarawih dan yang bertadarus Al-Quran.

Tahun nie rasa kurang sangat komitmen dalam amalan agama. Dah ada family nie dengan anak2 kecik nie, byk menda kena consider. Tak semua menda ikut jadual kita. Banyak menda2 ad hoc yg berlaku tanpa di rancang. Mmg mencabar sikit Ramadhan tahun nie. Tapi, kalau nak dibandingkan dengan cabaran yg Nabi kita terima, rasanya tak setara manapun. Cumanya, atas kejahilan aku sahaja yg membuatkan aku tak pandai mencuri masa di bulan mulia nie.

Jamu minum air kotak ja.... Bila dipikirkan balik, ada hikmah rupanya Allah Ta’ala gandakan pahala bagi orang yg dah berkahwin. Orang yg berkahwin nie, banyak tanggungjawab dengan keluarga. Masa untuk agama, masa untuk keluarga, masa untuk kerja dunia, masa untuk berehat….semuanya kena ada pada seorang ketua keluarga. Allah Maha Adil atas sesuatu perkara…aku bersyukur dengan keadaan nie. Harapan aku, moga panjang umur aku untuk Ramadhan akan datang. Moga ada rezeki aku bersama orang2 yg menunaikan tahajjud di malam qadar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look closely


Sunday, September 13, 2009

A week before Raya

It was Saturday and Hari Raya is just a week to go. We thought today we would like to go to Jusco at Seremban 2 to find a couple of trousers for our growing kids. Unfortunately, Hafiz was admitted to Seremban Specialist the very same day. So, shopping cancelled for that day….heheheheh…
It all started 2 weeks ago. We’ve been consulted by a doctor from nearby clinic on Hafiz condition. Hafiz got diarrhea and the first week, doctor just gave us some common medicine to help Hafiz. One week has passed by but the condition remained the same.

On the second week, doctor started on antibiotic and told us to continue it for at least one week. But, like before….nothing has change. So, we’ve been advised to refer Hafiz to hospital for further treatment.

Thought on that Saturday, the hospital will only do some ultra scanning on Hafiz to see anything abnormal in his stomach….never thought that Hafiz will be warded that day. That’s why the “Plan A” was to go shopping after seeing a doctor. Now that Hafiz is admitted, we have to change to “Plan B” and that is….to wait till Hafiz is discharge again.

For 6 days from Saturday till Thursday Hafiz was in hospital, the doctor failed to find anything wrong with Hafiz. Hafiz has no fever (fever show sign of virus infection), no virus in his blood sample and no virus in his stool sample as well. At the end, the formal diagnostic for Hafiz is pneumonia. Man..!! I’m confused….

The patient on the next bed...
I think the doctor is still want to continue the treatment for Hafiz but my wife requested to discharge since we need to go back to Alor Setar for Hari Raya. Lucky for me the doctor allowed it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tazkirah Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a blessed month. We can consider this month as a unique annual opportunity to make us re-align our path in life so that our life will parallel to what Islam pose. For those who put all their effort to seek blissful rewards from Allah during Ramadhan, may Allah choose them to be in His beautiful heaven in the life after.

For those who failed to comprehend this glorious month, wake up and seek for forgiveness. We are still a week before Ramadhan's end, and if we put all our effort in this one week sincerely...there should be no reason for us not to find the Lailatul Qadar in one of the night. A night which is better than a thousand months.

The pictures above was taken in Masjid Lama Telok Kemang. The one who gave the speech is Dato' Husam Musa. Well, I don't have to elaborate on the content of the tazkirah. when I was wondering around to find a best place for my camera, I saw 2 bloggers updating their blog on the tazkirah by Dato' Husam. I bet, they must have publish it instantly after after that.

I came back home around 12 o'clock that nite. My wife was still awake at the time and I received a pretty good 'lecture' from her because of coming home late.....heheheheheheh....It's remind me of those drama melayu in tv....hehehheheh...almost the same...hehehehe
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