Sunday, August 23, 2009


Actually, this is the first time this year that I come back to my hometown. Reason...because my parent was in my sister's house in Italy since last year. They just came back lately so instead of me buying them a present, we received a lots of goodies from Milan. The cutest present is for Hazwan...a summer pyjamas that cover the body till toe. Compare to Hafiz at his side, Hazwan looks like a giant baby to me....hhaahhaha..

This is Abah. Beard is same with me only Abah's beard is white in colour. Abah is 67 years old now. His neck knocked to the bath tub back in year 2005 and since then, he has difficulty to move the right part of his body. He was a strong man during his younger age but today, not anymore.

Although he can't easily move like before, he still have the will to play with his grandchildren. Those days when he still can walk and strong, he will took all his grandchildren for a ride on a motorbike. Today, even if he can't do all that anymore he will find his way to play with them. It just, he loves kids.....and that day, he took Hazwan for a spin with his electric wheel chair.

Abah will always be my hero. One of many other things that make him smile is when I told him that I was chosen to be a Pemuda PAS of my area. He just can't stop smiling and he proudly announce it to all his siblings. I guess, I will pursue that position for Abah. Hope Abah will always in a good health and happy.

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