Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Hazwan..

Today is Hazwan's birthday. He is 3 years old now, healthy and strong. He is energetic that most of the time he prefer to run rather than walking. I'm having a problem to snap pictures of him during his birthday today. I just couldn't keep up.

Influenced by the ice skater in Sunway Lagoon, he run in such a funny way like he is skating as well. Hazwan is a brilliant boy...and hyper too...

Anyway, happy birthday Hazwan.. Abah and Ma love you so much..

Since I couldn't keep up with Hazwan , I just snap Hafiz...much easy and steady

The newbies marching in...hehehehe...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It just too hot in PD

Back again to PD by Friday. We reached home somewhere in the afternoon. I mangaged to perform my Friday Prayer at the nearby surau.

The weather was so hot in PD. It was windy that day but it just too dry. The combination of wind with hot weather, you got hot air blowing into our house.

Later that evening, I told my wife to pack our things because I’m planning to go somewhere. On Saturday, here we are….

View from our hotel room
Sunway Tower Hotel….nice air-conditioned room. Huge king size bed and beautiful view from our room.

That nite, we went to this steamboat restaurant called Flaming Steamboat. I never thought such cheap and delicious place still exist in the heart of sunway. I thought, everything that is delicious must be expensive in sunway. Quite surprise actually. Anyway, a really recommended place to be. RM20 per head and eat all you can

My wife is showing her skill

Along also was there, showing her crab

End Result

The 2 with the same face

Thursday, February 18, 2010

La Hot Spring

My wife managed to convinced me to move around a bit from my cozzy chair at Besut. She kept on asking me to go to La Hot Spring which is merely an hour from our home in Besut.

I was a bit skeptic when she said Hot Spring. Why should I go to a hot spring during a hot blazing day? What's wrong with being lazy and sleepy while reading a book? Why can't we just stay at home and boil a kettle of water from the convenience of the kitchen? It will be less than 15 minutes to get it boiled. But I finally agreed to go because I felt pity to my children....and because I'm a good husband too...heheheheh...

You know what women love to hear from a man..?? " I was wrong "...and that's exactly what I said that day (in my heart and she doesn't know it). It was a pleasant place to be. The water is shallow and I don't have to worry about my kids. When the kids have fun, I'm happy too. It just that we came a bit late that day. If only we could be there a bit early, it'll be more fun I guess...

Hazwan "the crocodile"

Enjoying the sauna

Tok Wan was also enjoying the healthy sauna

Che Din aka "Smeagle"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Chai

9 days holiday…that should be enough to re-charge my mind and body again. I just wanna be away from KL and my office. From my office emails and my workstation. So, Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to do that.

This time around, we agreed to go back to Terengganu. We made our stop at Mat Jan’s ‘condominium’ in Kuala Terengganu. I was very please to see the location. It just so near to Masjid Kuala Ibai one of the most recorded area by local photographer.

Masjid Kuala Ibai

Sunrise will be clearly seen at this area. The beach is facing to the east. It will be a nice morning shot if anyone can be there as early as just after Subuh. I was a bit unfortunate myself, as I couldn’t find my car key that morning. So, I missed syuruk but I did managed to get a few pics that please me that morning.

That was the only photography session that I had. The rest 8 days in Terengganu, I did nothing but eating and reading. So pleasant that I can feel an increment in diameter around my stomach area. Hehehehe….

Like I always said before, Terengganu is a blessed land….

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend on the beach again

My family and me had another breakfast on the beach again. My sister-in-law was also included in the trip. It just another weekend for her as long as she is away from UIA Hostel, then she’ll be ok.

Lovely morning…less people, less pollution, almost stagnant life…. I think everybody is enjoying that morning very much.

Later that morning, I was kind of flat a bit. Sister-in-law was so eager to ride a kayak and I don’t know where did she got that idea from. I have not doing any kayak for almost 10 years if not mistaken. If it was not because of she request to accompany her, I think the number will increase to 20 or 30 years. Lucky I still got the technique to paddle, otherwise it will be a shame for me..hehehhee..

Hadi and Hazwan also did try to paddle for a while. Hazwan was okay but Hadi just too afraid to the water. Hafiz got something else in his mind but he was doing okay as well. I love breakfast on the beach… far more better than having breakfast at any kopitiam..hehehe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Farewell Kak Linda & Abang Nusi

Kak Linda is an office mate to my wife. She and her husband were also a graduate from USM in HBP (House Building and Planning – remember Ali Setan..??). I kind of feel attach to them when they said they graduated from USM. Probably, I miss USM very much. Feel like there is some emotional attachment every time I meet anyone whose graduated from USM.

Anyway, Kak Linda has served Politeknik PD longer than my wife. She finally decided to pursue her study in MhD. So, she got a university in Australia to realize her ambition. She is not going there alone; she took the whole family (a husband and 2 child) with her. For the next 2 years, Australia will be their home.

I always respect to this group of people. The people that leave their bright career behind to pursue their study. The people that willing to let go their comfort zone and welcoming hardship in their life.

Al Amin bin Hassan (my Aerospacian family) is among my friend that doing that now. He had a bright career in front of him. He has spent a few years climbing the corporate ladder and yet he let it all go to pursue his study in MhD.

To forget about my current salary and becoming a student again is something that I find it very hard to do now. By becoming a student again, I’m not sure how can I support my increasing family. I don’t have the formula right now. Due to that, I give my full respect to those people that break the formula. It so amazing and I wish you guys..Kak Linda, Aband Nusi and Al Amin Hassan all the best in everything.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rumah Anak Yatim/Miskin(RAYM) Taman Baiduri

This is the second time I visited this place. The first time I went here, I was about to cry when I learned their past history. Probably, I was being too sensitive at the time but it was truly a wake up call to me.

Some of these children actually still have their parents at home but these parents are just too poor to raise another children. So poor that they willing to give their children away in order to survive. This is where RAYM Taman Baiduri comes into the picture, as an organization to safe these children. A welfare organization to the orphan and to the poor.

It is shocking to know that some of these children being kicked and punched by their drunken father although they are still age 7 and below. More shocking is that, these are all Muslim family. Disciple to a holy religion that teach us to care for each other.

I have 3 adorable sons and I thank to The Mighty Allah for giving me this loving and caring feeling towards my children. It just something that I fail to understand how can a father kicks and punches his own children? It will be something that I regret the whole life if I do that.

These children are not guilty. They don’t event choose to be this way. We, as a fortunate individual should be grateful for what we have. We should help them and love them like we love our children. I hope we can constantly donate to these children to help them for a better future

Please donate to :

Maybank Islamic : 1628 3403 4545
Cimb Bank : 1267-0005898-52-4

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