Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Besday to me

Syukur Alhamduillah, hari ini harijadi aku yang ke-31. Entah bila masanya tiba-tiba sahaja umur dah 31 tahun. Kalau di ikutkan, umat Nabi Muhammad nie rata-ratanya berumur sehingga 60 tahun sahaja. Maknanya dah separuh hayat dah aku hidup atas muka bumi Allah ini, tinggal lagi separuh hayat untuk aku mencari redha Dia. Itupun kalau ada rezeki. Kalau selesai rezeki aku atas dunia nie, bila-bila masa sahaja mati tuh akan menjemput aku.

Wife aku selalu jumpa uban atas kepala ini. Kata orang-orang tua kita, setiap helai uban itu mewakili bilangan lawatan dari Malaikat Maut. Tapi itu cakap orang-orang tua. Cakap dalam kitab pulak, Malaikat Maut melawat kita 70 kali sehari, setiap hari. Lawatannya pulak, bukannya memantau kita sebagaimana seorang ayah memantau anak-anaknya main tapi Malaikat Maut datang terlalu hampir dengan kita. Kalau nak diterjemahkan hampir itu seolah-olah ‘hidung’ Malaikat Maut dan hidung kita bertemu. Begitulah hampirnya mati itu.

Sebut pasal mati nie, ada satu cerita dari zaman Nabi Sulaiman. Seorang sahabat Nabi Sulaiman datang bertemu kerana ingin meminta pertolongan dari baginda. Sahabat Nabi Sulaiman hendak pergi ke India dengan segera atas urusan tertentu. Jarak dari Palestin (Istana Nabi Sulaiman) ke India amatlah jauh makanya, Nabi Sulaiman mengarahkan angin untuk membawa sahabat ini ke India. Angin yang taat pada perintah Nabi Sulaiman itupun membawa sahabat ini pergi. Apabila sahabat ini hilang dari pandangan, Nabi Sulaiman ternampak kelibat Malaikat Maut yang menyerupai manusia di dalam Istana baginda. Malaikat Maut sedang senyum ke arah baginda. Maka, Nabi Sulaiman pun bertanya

“ Aku lihat engkau tersenyum dari tadi, apakah gerangannya yang menyebabkan engkau tersenyum?”

Dijawab oleh Malaikat Maut “ di tanganku ada perintah dari Allah menyatakan bahawasanya sahabat mu tadi sepatutnya mati di India sebentar lagi. Tapi aku kehairanan kerana dia masih berada disini sedangkan India itu sangat jauh tempatnya dari sini. Mustahil seorang manusia mampu pergi ke tempat jauh dalam masa yang sangat singkat Tetapi kemusykilanku terjawab apabila engkau memerintahkan angin untuk membawa sahabatmu ke India. Kerana itulah aku tersenyum”

Sesampai sahaja sahabat Nabi Sulaiman ini di India, Malaikat Maut terus mencabut nyawanya seperti yang diperintahkan oleh Allah.

Cerita ini menunjukkan bahawa kalau dah ajal, maka satu saat pun tak akan terlewat atau tercepat. Walaupun di mana kita berada, memang kita tak akan dapat lari dari mati. Semoga kita selalu memperingati diri kita tentang mati kerana sebijak-bijak orang adalah orang yang selalu mengingati mati.

Selamat Hari Lahir untuk diriku. Semoga usia senjaku membawa aku lebih dekat pada redha Allah. Insya Allah.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We went to a wedding ceremony today. It is a wedding between Syed and Siti Marliza. Both of them used to be my wife’s classmate in MRSM Kuala Terengganu. Since they are from the same school, most of their guest are also their ex-classmate. Apart from wedding ceremony, this is also more like an informal re-union of their class.

I didn’t realized it was a wedding ceremony until I step my foot inside the wedding hall. Why..? because it just like a default setting in my head that all my friends are married, except Pyan, Sarul Ketam, Zairul, Che Yat and a few more. I thought it just like an ordinary kenduri or house warming or open house or things like that. When we reached the wedding hall, I just can’t believe I made the mistake. To make things worse, the whole wedding ceremony was designed by Pak Engku. Pak Engku was also the designer for Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding ceremony. When Pak Engku is the designer, this means all the big shot were also there. It was a huge and formal wedding ceremony far beyond my expectation. When compare to my attire that I put on, I only wish that I was somewhere else. Hehehehe… mistake, sorry…

After that, a small group of MRSM KT went to the nearby restaurant. Only then I felt so relief because there’s no formality anymore. To Syed and Marliza, Congratulation to both of you. May the future will be brighter. Amin….

Hope my wife love this picture

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr. Mama

3 days staying in Politeknik Sabak Bernam. 3 straight days I’ve become a Mr. Mama in Politeknik Sabak Bernam. All because my wife have a presentation in Go Green Technology Seminar in the same place. I’m not sure what the seminar is all about because all the while I was busy with my kids. Plus, I have never entered the seminar hall because I believe the 3 kids and me will be the centre of attraction if we do so.

Let see, if I’m about to describe Politeknik Sabak Bernam..I would say the institute located at the end of road to a wonderful village. If compare to USM Tronoh, I personally think Tronoh is better if we speak about location wise. At least, Ipoh town is about 45 minutes from Tronoh but for Politeknik Sabak Bernam, everything is like 2 hours away in all directions. Plus, the Politeknik is located about 20 km from the main road and there are no public transportation would like to go to that place.

But Politeknik Sabak Bernam is like next to the beach area. The student here can watch the sunset everyday. And like what I said before, the road leading to this Politeknik is crossing a village area. There are not so many restaurants in this area because having meals at restaurant might be considered as luxury for the villagers. Even with just a handful of restaurant, the food satisfaction is nothing to complaint.

I hardly get a chance to meet local peoples but 3 days staying felt so fast. We meet an old friend who also a former student of USM. She has been here since the first day and it has been 7 years now. Other than that, I just baby-sit my children. Hope I can have a chance to go to Politeknik Sabak Bernam again. I don’t know why but it remind me of my childhood time when I was in Kota Bharu, Gopeng, Perak. The night we reach home from Sabak Bernam, I dreamed of my late grandfather who used to live in Kota Bharu, Gopeng, Perak. Truly alma matters…..
Seti now has 2 children
Since I got nothing much to do, I just snap whatever I can to fulfill my time.

Orang dok makan, depa dok main bawah meja
Mama tgh kasik ubat demam kat Hafiz
Kat dalam bilik
Jalan-jalan kat BNO (Bagan Nakhoda Omar)
Berkongsi presentation dengan Kak Liza
Sunset kat Sabak Bernam. Pantai berselut, tak boleh mandi tapi bersih tak macam PD

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally, I reached the peak

I miss camping so much. The cold of the night, the darkness, the sound of mother nature, smell of the grass…..I just miss all that. Now that I have DSLR in my hand, I miss camping even more…hehehe…old physically but young mentally.

I’m lucky to have friends that still active in mount hiking and camping. So, after a 5 minutes plan or so, we decided to go to Bukit Broga for sunrise photography. But 5 minutes after that, we changed the plan to camping and sunrise photography. The best part is, we started to hike around midnight. 45 minutes later, we reach the second peak of Bukit Broga. It was 6 of us and we brought along a tent that can accommodate 5 people but no one care about the tent. We just spread it and lay onto the tent not inside. Sleeping under beautiful twinkling star and breezy night air, I just can’t wish anything more in my life. Everything is so perfect, so beautiful. This picture was taken around 2.30 in the morning. The view is facing Pekan Semenyih if I'm not mustaken.
Around Subuh at 5.45am, the place we set our camp side was full with peoples. Bukit Broga is actually a famous place for landscape photography. The place itself is kind of different from any other hill in Malaysia. Even Datuk Muzafar and his wife took their wedding pictures here. So, here come the sunrise. It was clear beautiful morning. This picture was taken at 6.30 in the morning.
I was a bit confused at that time because I couldn’t see the sun itself. But somehow around 8 o’clock in the morning, there was this cloud came from nowhere and it really give me a dramatic feeling to the shot. If only the cloud could came a bit early in the morning that would be even nicer. Anyway, this is more than good for my first visit to this place.
There are so many people going up to Bukit Broga during weekend. We even have to stop several times when descending the hill. Not because we are tired but because there just to many people going up and down at the same time. But I fall in love with Bukit Broga the first time I got here. Plan to go there again sometimes in the future…heheh

Aku yg perasan macho....
Facing the west
Time turun

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Graduation at TATI

Today is a graduation day for Huda’s younger brother (Sudin) in Kemaman. Since Huda’s father is having an important surgery in Hospital USM today as well, I decided to go to the graduation day along with my family to celebrate Sudin on his historical day of life. We left our home around 6 am this morning. By the time we reach TATI, Sudin already waiting for us outside the Main Hall. Lucky Along was there first to witness the ceremony from inside the Hall. Hehehe…

After that, we make our way to Kuantan and check in into a hotel nearby. The plan is, to celebrate Sudin with Ikan Bakar at Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan. Ended up, Sudin still got things to do with TATI so we enjoy our Ikan Bakar without Sudin. Anyway, the graduation celebration turn out to be a gathering between my family and Along’s family.
Like usual, I failed to snap any ikan bakar picture because I don’t want to miss anything. The last time I did that, I ended up eating only nasik and leftover. So, never let yourself fall in the same hole again. Heheheheh….

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Open House..???? no....

During the last week of Syawal, we received a visit from Huda’s student. We don’t have any formal open house this year because schedule is just a bit hectic and crazy. So, when my wife’s student came, we can only served them with a simple mee kari and some crackers. According to my wife, this group of student is her favorites because the whole class somehow has the right attitude to succeed in the future. Well menace, good team spirit, respect the elders are among the keys that make this group loved by many lectures. I also have a good expression about this group during the visit although I never meet them before in my life.

Well, good student come and go. Whether they are good student or not, the lecturer main task is to educate them. I wish all the best in the future to the student. God bless you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hulagu Khan - Khabar Hitam dari Timur

Khalifah AL-Musta'shim Billah tidak sanggup melihat apa yang berlaku di depan matanya. Mayat bergelimpangan di sepanjang jalan dan lorong-lorong di kota Baghdad. Darah mengalir di merata tempat. Orang Mongol bermaharajalela. Mereka membunuh setiap lelaki yang dijumpai dan memperkosa kaum wanita.

Tiba-tiba Khalifah Al-Musta'shim Billah ternampak Umaiyuddin Muhamad Al-Aqami lalu dihadapannya. Lalu beliau berkata,"Celaka kamu wahai anak Al-Aqami, Apakah yang kamu dapat daripada pengkhianatan yang kamu lakukan ini?"

Umaiyuddin Al-Aqami tidak menjawab. Beliau segera berlalu dari tempat itu. Khalifah Al-Musta'shim Billah pun berdoa.

"Wahai Tuhan, aku orang yang dizalimi. Doa orang yang kena zalim itu makbul. Aku bedoa supaya Umaiyuddin Muhamad Al-Aqami menerima pembalasan atas apa yang dilakukannya."

Novel sejarah Islam ini yang bertajuk Hulagu Khan - Khabar Hitam dari Timur ini ditulis oleh saudara Abdul Latip Talib. Novel ini menceritakan detik kejatuhan kerajaan bani Abasiyah akibat diserang oleh Hulagu Khan. Hulagu Khan yang berasal dari Mongol telah berusaha meneruskan cita-cita datuknya, Genghis Khan untuk menakluki dunia Islam.

Novel ini ditulis dengan gaya yang santai. Amat mudah untuk memahami jalan ceritanya. Menjadi satu kelaziman apabila buku sejarah seringkali dikaitkan dengan rasa bosan namun ada kelainan dari novel sejarah ini. Setiap plot diolah dengan bijaksana sehingga tidak timbul rasa bosan membacanya.

Novel dimulai dengan penerangan ringkas tentang kewujudan Bani Abasiyah dalam sejarah. Nama-nama Khalifah yang memerintah ditulis beserta tahun pemerintahannya sekali. Nama-nama tokoh yang lahir pada abad ini juga ada diceritakan secara ringkas.

Novel kemudiannya menyingkap latar belakang Hulagu Khan selaku watak utama novel ini. Seiring dengan itu, penerengan tentang perancangan menggulingkan Khalifah oleh menteri kanannya yang licik juga diceritakan secara tersusun. Kekuatan tentera Hulagu Khan seramai 200,000 orang dan pengkhianatan dari menteri kanan Khalifah telah menyumbang kepada kejatuhan Baghdad ke tangan orang Mongol.

Pada akhirnya, tentera Islam telah bersatu mengalahkan Mongol apabila mereka ingin menyerang Mesir. Dalam bicaranya Hulagu Khan mengakui, "Mekah dan Madinah dijaga oleh Tuhan mereka yang tidak boleh dikalahkan oleh sesiapa. Kerana itu, sesiapa yang cuba menakluknya pasti binasa."

Novel ini bukanlah rujukan sejarah Islam yang terbaik kerana tidak dapat dipastikan yang manakah fakta dan yang manakah tokok tambah dari saudara Abdul Latip Talib. Saudara Abdul Latip Talib juga hanya membuat rujukan dari 4 buah buku karangan orang Melayu sahaja. Namun, usaha beliau untuk melahirkan novel sejarah Islam yang menarik minat haruslah dipuji. Semoga kita sama-sama mendapat iktibar dari novel ini.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend on Saturday

It was suppose to be calm and peace in the morning. It’s public holiday and like most of working people, weekend is the time where we can relax with our family.

But the peaceful morning that I imagined didn’t really happened today. It was my Chinese neighbor who screams madly to her child and her scream can be heard like from few blocks away. If I’m not mistaken, the child is only the same age with Hazwan., about 3 years old only. I personally think that the mother is overreacted and the situation happened several times before. Poor little child.

Back in Alor Setar in my hometown, my father’s house also live near with Chinese neighbor. Also in several occasion, I can hear the family scream like mad. The father screamed to the son, the son screamed to the mother, the mother screamed to the son and the father and sometimes they just scream to each other at the same time. I guess, screaming is just a common way for Chinese to make their point heard. Especially in raising their child.

But when I was in Jinhua, I hardly seen parent scolding their children like in Malaysia. Instead, they pampered their children with all sort of love in this world. You see, China Government only allow one child in a family. Only in special cases where certain family can have two children. So, when a parent are allowed to have only one child in a family, it’s all make sense for these parent to pampered their only child with everything that they have. After all, this is the only chance to have a child in their live. Sometimes, when the grandparent is still alive and stay in the same house, you’ll see the grandparent will spoiled the children even more. Unconditional love.
I think, Malaysian Chinese should learn from Mainland Chinese in raising children. Yelling and screaming to our child is not a helpful solution to both parties. Why still shouting when what you shout is not understandable by the child. It’s pointless. After all, yelling and yapping can also cause a disturbance to the neighbors.

Well, there goes my relaxing weekend…..
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