Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Holiday

Hahaha…a bit unfortunate this time. I can’t find a perfect timing for my photography session with nature. Been busy with family and niece. But at least I got one picture of green padi field on the way coming back to PD. Here it is…

Thanx to this awek...she was so generous to give me a pose...hehehe

It was a very long journey coming back to PD that Sunday. It was ok and smooth from Alor Setar to Juru but approaching Kuala Kangsar, it was totally the opposite from smooth and ok. It jam packed from bumper to bumper. The fastest that I can go was only 30km/h. I can only be patient until we reached Simpang Pulai Toll and that is the limit. I decided to use the old road but it can only lasted for 5 minutes when we realized the old also was experience the same thing like the highway.

So, switched to plan C…we turn our way to Tronoh. From there, we can reach Klang easily and the road condition also is ok. We made a stop to UTP, the place we used to be during our 1st year in USM. The place just turn into such a beautiful place. Never thought its gonna be like that. The last time we were here was in year 1999. It has been 10 years now.

It was getting dark..somewhere around 6.30pm + its cloudy. So I just keep my camera away this time.

Then, made a stop at Giant Teluk Intan. Meet with Usop. My best friend Usop. Spend a while with him at the nearest McDonald’s there. Hit back the road and we reached home around 12.30am that nite. Did I mention the time we depart from Alor Setar? We started to moved from my parent’s house at 11 o’clock in the morning. best buddy...dah gemuk sikit dah mamat nie..

What a journey…

Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Day

I’m going back to Alor Setar this X’mas Eve. No intention of celebrating X’mas but just taking some advantage from the public holiday during end of the year. I also just fixed and painted my car. It all black and shiny now, just like a black mirror…hahaha..

Abah and Yong can’t wait any longer to meet Hazwan. Hazwan has become their best because Hazwan is friendly towards anyone. You can do anything to Hazwan and yet you can hardly hear him getting angry or moody or something. Hadi also has become their best as well because Hadi is just a silent type of child. He doesn’t create a lot of headache to Abah and Yong, that’s why they like him. But the most waited person is actually Hafiz. Probably because Hafiz is still cute and easy to nurse him…hahaha, anyway I just can’t wait to be in Alor Setar. The green padi field is waiting my camera there.

Kak Nim finally back for good from Italy. She and her family were also in Alor Setar. It was a great breakaway.

Kak Nim, Abang Joi, Hafiz, Aishah and Amir



...and of cause, the 2 menace

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nothing much (part 2)

Breakfast at Kopitiam Bangi

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nice place to visit

Can you guess where this is..??

Nice isn't it..?? If my toilet is like this, I have to hire a dedicated maid just to clean the toilet. This is actually one of many toilets inside Masjid Besi or Masjid Tuanku Mizan, Putrajaya. The mosque is just so huge and the surrounding is just so peaceful.

It was raining that day, quite heavy to be precise. I don't have a chance to get a nice landscape picture due to the weather instead, I took a lot of my family pics inside the mosque. heheheeh...

I call it Masjid Besi due to the massive steel structure inside it

The Jedi strike once again..hehehehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Majlis Khatam Quran Asyraf

Along is having a small reception for her eldest son, Asyraf. It’s actually Khatam Muqaddam. Hehehehe..well done Asyraf. Keep it up..

Along and Abang Long

The Lucky Boy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Birthday

2 days after Hadi’s birthday, it is now Hafiz’s birthday. We already planned to have a simple celebration at Taska where Hadi, Hafiz and Hazwan nurse. By having the celebration there, we hope it will be more fun for Hadi and Hafiz to celebrate it with their frenz. The Taska is just a walking distance from my wife’s office. In fact, the Taska is actually inside Politeknik’s compound.

My wife bought small cakes/muffins (I’m not sure what it is) for the celebration plus snacks as a gift to all the children in Taska. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend it. Distance, has become a huge restriction for me to be there. Perhaps, I’ll be more fortunate next time.

Hafiz as well, he was not there to celebrate it. He was sleeping and my wife don’t have a heart to wake him up. No worry as Hazwan is there to eat all the cakes/muffins on behalf.



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy birthday Hadi...

Today is Hadi's birthday. He is 4 years old now. Next year he will start his pre-school education and learn a lot of new things. As the eldest brother, hadi has become mature in his own way.

We don't have any plan for him today but we do have a plan to go to KL in the afternoon. Hadi is asking a Transfomers School Bag as a birthday give. Hope we can find it in KL.

This is Hadi taken last week during our outing at Umbai Ikan Bakar

....and this is Hadi during 6 months old.
(tips:- better to cover baby's head with cap, kopiah etc during babies photography. Its cuter that way)

....interframe, this is Hafiz . Look almost similiar to Hadi isn't it..??

Friday, December 11, 2009

Khutbah Jumaat

It’s Friday. Like any other Friday, I will spend my afternoon in the nearby mosque to hear the khutbah and to perform the solah.

I have a mixed feeling about khutbah. I’ve experienced a bored khutbah, a touching khutbah, a courage khutbah, a weak khutbah, and the list goes on. For me since it is compulsory to every muslim, khutbah should be an effective medium to guide the ummah. Although the khutbah can preach about ‘Buah-buahan Malaysia’ or ‘Berhati-hati di jalanraya’, I really hope that khutbah can come up with a topic far more important than that.

Today for example, I’m not sure what is wrong but I guess the combination of the preacher and the topic that makes the khutbah a bit bored. A man on my left, he slept even before the khutbah started. The man on the right, busy with his iPhone which I found it very rude. No one is paying any attention to the khutbah. I bet, no one can even remember what the khatib had said during the khutbah.

If a khutbah is delivered in the right way with the right topic, I don’t think people will fall asleep. Nowadays, people in Malaysia are hunger for knowledge especially in religion. I have experienced a lot of good khutbah. Typically, when khatib is not using any text from JAKIM or JAIS or JAINS etc, the khutbah will be a good one. Most probably, the text is just too general and not really connected to the local people. It can be anything, I’m just guessing.

A friend of mine did mumbling to me about a bored khutbah. He said, we have to stop at least 2.5 hours of production during Jumaat (2.5 hours = 150 cars = RM9 Million of lost). If the khutbah is ineffective and bored, can we blame the khatib and sue him for our lost..??

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothing much

Like the title above, I got nothing much to say. Just wanna put a picture only...hehehe

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ikan Bakar Umbai, Melaka...

Sekarang nie, kerja kat opis berlambak gila..Hari rabu minggu lepas, aku balik dari opis pukul 11.30malam. Esok paginya, pukul 6.45pg dah terpacak depan PC. Memang tak masuk akal sungguh. Letih rasa badan. Tapi nak wat camna, aku ada dateline yg kena kejar. Bukan aku sorang ja, satu opis pun macam tuh..

Ingat nak reward la diri aku sket. Pi la kedai tomyam yg aku selalu pi kat Seremban tuh. Tapi nak jadikan cerita, tutup la plak hari Khamis tuh.Terpaksa la beli dari kedai sebelah. Yg tak bestnya, dah la lambat (orang takdak pun, tak paham la apsal lambat), mintak lain dapat plak yg lain. Pastu plak tak sedap langsung. Terguris sungguh hati aku minggu lepas. Sedey giler...

So, aku nekad nak makan ikan bakar yg best. Aku bawak family aku pi Umbai. Kebetulan plak adik Huda pun datang umah, dengan dia sekali aku angkut. Punyalah ramai orang kat Umbai tuh macam hari penamaan calon la plak. Tapi mujur order sampai cepat. Tak macam kat Seremban, lambat giler..

Alhamdulillah, ikan bakar semua sedap2 belaka. Tak sempat aku nak capai kamera, habis licin kena sental ngan wife + adik ipar aku...Ini takleh jadi, aku kena lupakan kamera kejap. At the end, tader pun satu gambar ikan bakar yg aku tangkap malam tuh..tapi takpa, janji terubat kesedihan aku minggu lalu..

nie ada gambar sebahagian kedai2 ikan bakar kat Umbai yg aku snap dari tempat parking aku..(satu gambar jer)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

LIMA 2009

Its 5th of December 2009. Today will be the last day of LIMA Exhibition in Langkawi. Sad..sad..sad.. The last time I went to LIMA was in year 2003. When you're single, you're not attach to any responsibility. You just have to think about you only but when you have kids with you, a lot of factor need to be considered.

I have lost touch with the aerospace industry for quite sometimes. It will be nice if I can go to LIMA again one day so that I know the latest aerospace technology in Malaysia. Who knows, I might stumble upon my classmate during the exhibition. A good network will be okay for me if any..hehhehe..

One day, my aerospacian family will be in LIMA again like the old fine day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beach and Sea

I was born in Alor Setar in year 1979. I’m not sure how Alor Setar looks like during that year but our house in Alor Merah is surrounded with padi field. No sea and no beach nearby.

Then after 40 days of my age, I was sent to Kota Bharu, Gopeng, Perak to my grandparent’s house. The next 10 years of my life, I lived in a memorable kampong style surrounded with abandoned tin mines and rubber tree. No sea and no beach nearby.

Today, I live in Port Dickson. My home…is just so near to the beach and sea. After all, PD is the most well known recreational beach in west Malaysia.

To make things more obvious, I married to a lovely wife from Besut. Her house is just a walking distance to the nearest beach. Although PD is not comparable to beach at east coast but both places will have silky smooth sand and wide-open sea.

Plus a year of matriculation in USM Penang, it was almost everyday I can see an open sea from the campus. So wonderful

Looking back to the journey of my life, we actually can’t expect few things that come. I never thought it gonna be this way but it just happened.

I still can remember vividly a ceramah from Ustaz Ismail Kamus (if not mistaken). He said “ when our body is buried at a particular place after we dead, that particular soil from that place is what our body is made of”

One fine day, we all will know where our body is originated from but by that time, we already dead. So what the use to know anymore. Things is, as long as we do a good deed, that certainly will count for the life after.

The Baywatch

Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Friday, November 13, 2009

Apa dah jadi..??

Lebih kurang seminggu sudah, negara digemparkan dengan kes penangkapan Dr. Asri di Taman Sri Ukay. Tangkapan dilakukan oleh Polis dan JAIS. Alasan penangkapan yg aku tahu setakat nie sebab Dr. Asri memberikan ceramah tanpa tauliah. Pelik, sebabnya Dr. Asri nie bekas mufti negeri Perlis. Tauliah yg macam mana lagi perlu untuk seseorang yg berilmu agar dia boleh berceramah pasal ilmu...?? Pelik JAIS nie. Tapi nak hairan lebih-lebih pun tak boleh jugak. Sebabnya, orang yg pernah terlibat dalam memberi tauliah tersebut pun tak boleh nak berceramah untuk menyampaikan ilmu. Tengok apa jadi dengan Ustaz Ismail Kamus dan Ustaz Harun Din...

Kemudian, berita semalam pulak melaporkan yang SPRM nak siasat Tuan Guru Nik Aziz kerana didakwa menerima penajaan dari orang tertentu untuk bawak Tuan Guru beserta keluarganya buat haji di Mekah. Ini pun pelik jugak...takde sebab Tuan Guru nak ke Mekah pakai duit rasuah. Giler apa...
Kesian pada individu yg berhajat nak hantar Tuan Guru ke Mekah tuh. Tuan Guru terpaksa batalkan niat dia nak buat Haji tahun nie kerana berita fitnah nie. Padahal individu tu nak ikut serta buat haji dengan Tuan Guru. Kalau aku pun, aku sedih... Patut-patut dapat peluang buat haji dengan bimbingan orang alim, tgk2 takde rezeki sebab fitnah manusia sebangsa...

Apa la agaknya strategi pak lawak - pak lawak kat Malaysia nie..?? Apa lagi lawak yang diorang nak buat lepas nie..?? MasyaAllah...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is my shoe. Sister bought it from Milan….

GEOX is well known for it invention in producing breathable shoe. It has a new type of material that lets your foot perspiration go out from your shoe but at the same time prevent any water from coming in. pretty much the same concept with Gore-tex technology.

Problem is, a few frenz told me that GEOX in China has pigskin lining to provide comfort to one who wears it. It doesn’t state inside the product/material description but you can actually found it inside blogs, forums in the Internet.

Looking at the product closely, I actually failed to find any obvious “3 dots” but the pattern is there.

Now, Italian is known with the passion to perfection and that does apply to almost everything. The Ferarri for instance, can be the most luxurious sport car in the world and the leather seat is actually from pigskin. Why…?? Because pigskin is almost similar to human skin. When the 2 similar skins touched, it provides ultimate comfort to the driver/passenger.

I’m not convince with my shoe…. and since I’m not convince that this shoe is pigskin-free, I just have to wrap it with plastic and place it in the corner of my house. If anyone interested to buy it from me, just gimme a call okay....

This is from today's newspaper

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I’ve been busy in the office the whole week. The workload even needs me to come to work on Saturday. I promised myself to take my family out on last Saturday night and yes I did….but the problem is, I was too tired that I feel like a zombie that night. I can’t respond properly to our conversation. I lost focus most of the time.

So, I tried to make it all up again on Sunday. I decided to cook for my family that day and boy I did… The menu….NASI TOMATO, AYAM GORENG BEREMPAH and GULAI DAGING. I started all that somewhere around 11.45am and by 1.30pm, I only managed to cooked the 3 menus stated…heheheh…

My wife gave me 5 stars for the Nasi Tomato. I'm glad that I finally did some "get together" thing for my family last week.
I’m not a good cooker and I have to admit that. But one thing that I realize since primary school is that, I always got lucky when it come to cooking. In one case during secondary school, I went to a scout camp. On the last day, we had a cooking competition somehow my group just pushed me to represent our group. Frankly say, I have no idea of what to cook or how to cook. I just chucked everything inside the frying pan and the last thing I know, they choose my menu as a winner. There’s no logic explanation on that but its real.

Later in the evening, we went to the beach nearby. It was a lovely evening as I managed to snap a few good shots.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I received a mail from CNI last week. I'm quite surprise with the content. Well, if we look at the letter below, it's pretty much self explanatory.
Now, I'm not sure what this is all about. All I know back in year 2002 I was just trying to be nice with this person and he straight ahead come to a CNI topic. It was probably around 6pm when the conversation taken place at the time. The man kept on talking about CNI until Maghrib is nearly end. I took out my RM80 for the membership fee just to get the guy stop so that we can perform solat Mahgrib together....and I never see him after that...

I remember giving all the product to my mother in Alor Setar. I also remember that she feel comfortable with the product that she had taken. And I also remember that she keep on buying the product till today but I never buy anything at all.

The CNI outlet in Alor Setar has been so kind to my mother. The owner keep on renewing my membership every year. This is probably because my mother has been a loyal customer to him.

So, from regular member to CNI....I have received SILVER DISTRIBUTOR title this year. It just so unbelievable...a distributor..?? I don't even have a single CNI product at all.. hahahaha....the world has going banana...

I'm still confuse and I really don't know whether I should go or not to Genting this coming Sunday. If I go, then the possibility for me to stand on the stage and giving the audience a brilliant story of my journey to become a silver distributor is definitely high. I mean, what should I talk about..., that I'm not doing anything..?? I'm so confuse.......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As busy as bee

It has been a while since the last post. I’ve been busy in the office…busy like bee. The current project that I’m into has put me under constant pressure for the last 5 months. I’m working more than 10 hours a day now. Plus the compulsory 2 hours on the journey home-office-home, I just got a few hours for my family and myself. Busy..busy..busy…

We got dateline to chase and that’s why we are under tremendous pressure now. Every stage of development need to be completed or otherwise there will be no payment from customer. In my head, I think no other than my unfinished work. Even if I wake up in the wee hour, the first thing come into my mind is my work. I just can’t let it go..

Although you’re not moving a lot and just sit at one place doing design all day long, it also make you feel tired. You work under limited timeline, the design is new altogether, boss is chasing for presentation and etc…it just drain all your energy away. By the end of the day, you just got so exhausted that you become blank all of the sudden….hahahha.. It’ll finish soon… just focus for now…

So, busy in the weekdays but forget ‘bout everything in the weekend. Enjoy the weekend and relax… chill out… and don’t forget to watch football…hehehehe

Friday, October 16, 2009

N31 Bagan Pinang

Lepas jer Sambutan Aidilfitri baru2 nie, hujung minggu yg sama ada event kat Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. Menteri pelancongan turun padang. Habis dibawaknya semua belon2, karaoke set, gajah2 sarkis, artis2 semua turun... hmmm, typical la tuh...kebetulan plak minggu depan tuh ada penamaan calon untuk PRK N31 kat situ, belum sempat apa2 lagi BN dah awal2 lagi turun berkempen...

..meriah Teluk Komang sampai Hafiz pun senyum...

..tunggu bas ker kak..?? bas tak lalu tepi pantai nie, bot ada laa..

Seminggu lepas tuh, baru la kumpulan PAS dari seluruh negara datang berkampung kat N9...BN dari awal lagi dah ready...duit pun dah siap tabur kat ramai orang. Parti kaya la katakan..Sewaktu pengumuman Isa jadi calon BN kat Bagan Pinang nie, kawan kita dapat RM800 dari kem BN..kayo kawan pakcik tuh...

Penamaan Calon 3 Oktober

Kat Springhill nie, PAS cawangan sini jadi tuan rumah untuk gerakan ke kawasan estet-estet kat siliau. Masalahnya, PAS cawangan Springhill nie baru berusia 5 bulan. Pulak tu, kebanyakkan orang kat sini semuanya bukan orang N9...bila PAS negeri lain kemukakan soalan pasal kawasan setempat dan sebagainya, semua pakat nganga..hehehe...yg tau cuma kedai makan ja..hahahha...pastu, pakat2 sengih la kami.

Sepanjang tempoh berkempen tak usah cakap laa..byk sangat insiden yg buruk berlaku. Rata2nya disebabkan oleh orang luar...pihak BN pun sama, PAS pun sama...Rasanya, orang N9 sendiri takde sampai gaduh2...tapi kehadiran orang luar yg ramai sangat itu yg menyebabkan keadaan tak terkawal.

Kemudian, media plak menyebarkan fitnah mengatakan parti PAS nie parti ganas...mmg akhirnya rakyat termakan ngan fitnah media nie..takpa laaa..nak wat camna..

Bagus gak PAS kalah...kalau PAS menang, mungkin akan jadi liabiliti plak kat parti...PD nie penuh ngan hotel dan kebanyakkan hotel mesti ada arak...pastu plak kerap kali pesta maksiat berlaku di PD....malam merdeka la, tahun baru la, x'mas laa...macam2...yg kena tangkap pun byk, yg masuk paper pun bukannya sedikit...Kalau PAS dapat kawasan nie, takut akan jadi isu yg bakal dimainkan oleh BN untuk menjatuhkan PAS..

Anyway, ini pengalaman baru untuk aku....tak sangka, orang rasuah pun rakyat boleh pilih lagi...kali nie, Dr. M pun ngaku dia silap.....heheheh....tahniah N9
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