Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last week

We went to KLIA last week. My family-in-law are going to go to Mekah for Umrah. Mat Jan (Dr. Shahrizan now, like Dr House), Along, Abah and Ma are the one who managed to squeezed their time and saving for that purpose. I wish I can do that as well...InsyaAllah, the time for me and my family will come..
Then, we went to Putrajaya for a lunch....This Jedi just came from nowhere and kidnapped Hafiz in front of me.....

But I remained calm, as I took my family for a good lunch during that weekend to Penarik, Terengganu...Lovely food..Bet the bad Jedi doesn't realize my genius plan till now...hehehe

Then, the Jedi and me had a serious duel in a checker game and I defeat her...and now, Hafiz is all mine again..wakakakakaakak..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My kids.....

Hadi : 3 years and 7 months old
Hazwan : 2 years and 5 months old
Hafiz : 7 months old

It just amazing how these kids blossoming from time to time. Hadi was still a cute baby sometimes 3 years ago and look at him now, a handsome youngman. So do Hazwan, still adorable and friendly as usual.

Playing all day long....

Hafiz is trying to escape......

I got a footage of Hafiz creeping in the house. I must admit that I'm not a good videographer. My hand shakes quite a lot but at least, I got the right moment with Hafiz. Problem is, I can't upload it here..It's like taking forever before it can be uploaded....

I nearly forgot the sweetness of seeing my child growth. Witnessing them blossoming from one stage to the next is just so wonderful. To Hafiz its probably not a big deal but for me as a seem like the time past by so fast.

Today, I can still kiss him on his head after I recite his doa tidur but 10 years down the road, he probably choose school bus rather than me taking him to school....hehehe...who knows....I'm just guessing....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gotong royong

A gotong-royong were held at Surau Fasa 10, Bandar Springhill. This is a monthly event but this time around, I managed to take some photo of the people who came. It just a simple gotong-royong to keep the Surau clean and at the same time, it act as an informal gathering for all the residents. Feel like living in kampung la plak...!!

After 5 minutes of working....this picture reflect a teamwork among everybody...hahahaha




....MU vs M'sia was still a hot topic...


....and fooling around...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Din Pisang organized a BBQ nite for his family-in-law in PNB Ilham Resort, PD. Pak Din was my classmate during secondary school in Sultan Abdul Hamid College. He is among one of my very best frenz. He lived in Seremban, quite near compare to any other of my Alor Setar frenz..

I was invited to the event, so without hesitation I'm more than happy to join...hehehehehe...

Wow..!! yummy...

His real name is Jasnee Azreen Shah bin Jamaluddin but most of us call him by his father's name. At first, he was having a problem accepting it but over the time, it become natural. We only call him by his real name only with the present of his father. Hehehehehe....

Aiman (Pak Din's one and only child so far)

Abang Mizan and Kak Wati (Pak Din's sister and brother-in-law)

Making their own BBQ with sand....

Kak Wati's eldest child with Hafiz..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tough week

Fuh..!! what a week... My wife, Hadi and Hafiz are all chicken pox positive. Last week, it was Hazwan and this week all three are infected. Hadi is not as bad as Hafiz. It seem that Hadi's chicken pox is smaller and less area compare to Hafiz but the worst is my wife. With fever added to the condition, she really not in a good shape at all. I have to take EL on Wednesday to become a temporary mom to my kids...heheheheheh....

To make things worse, I also have a design review (sort like a presentation) with my boss the very same week. To postpone is not an option. In the mean time, I have to take a leave due to family matter. Although I'm no superman but in this case I have to become one...Alhamdulillah, everything just went smoothly and silky...hehhehhe...

Hadi :- he's doing ok, just lost his appetite a bit...

Hafiz :- recovering....

Tips : If any of you got chicken pox or similiar, try to use this method.
1.) Hold the patient with you right hand and a bottle of water (a cup of, a glass of...whatever) with your left hand
2.) Istighfar 3x
3.) Recite Surah Al-Fatihah
4.) Selawat Syifa'
5.) Surah AL-Hasyr (21-24)
6.) Blow it to the water...ask the patient to drink and bath with that water.
Water that can be used....list from best to less
1.) Air zamzam
2.) Clear water that recited with Yassin with 40 peoples or more.
3.) Water from ablution pool from masjid
4.) Natural mineral water
5.) Reverse Osmosis water
6) Any other clean clear water.
...with your heart sincerely hoping only from Allah, will be the greatest cure..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love the ulama' and you'll be loved

This is me beside Ustaz Haji Abdullah. He is probably around 70 years plus if I'm not mistaken. He has dedicated almost all his life to Islam..learning and teaching. He has students in Mekah and he also has students here in Malaysia. It is believed that he has more than thousands of students all over the world. Knowing him and kissing his hand is just a bless for me. Although his student has become Imam, Ustaz and Khadi, he's still a humble person and friendly...Feel like crying when comparing myself with him.
Then a picture with YB Kuala Krai and Member of Syura.
Behind us is a Bangladesh camp and this is their picture.

Arab, Pakistani, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Siamese, Myanmar, African ect all came to Ijtimak in the name of Islam. Everyone from different background, old and young, wealthy and poor, leaders and followers...all are just the same. People unite in the name of Islam, giving in the name of Islam, sharing in the name of Islam. When our leaders been talking about Malay supremacy, I just can't help but long for this unfair policy will last..?? Yes, I'm grateful to be borned as a Malay, to be able to received a lot of benefit in this lovely country as a Malay. Question is, is it right what our leader has been doing now..?? I mean, Mutusamy, Ah Cheong and Nirat Nom will always be an Indian, Chinese and Siamese...They can never be a Malay if they want it to. Obviously, they will be denied all the benefit that Malay will have. They will still be the race that they are till death..... even if they sacrified everything for the country, the fact that they are Indian, Chinese and Siamese will remain the same.

The world change through out the time. People mindset evolve along the way creating mature, typical and complex way of thinking among public. We've been independent for more than 50 years now. Yes, older people can accept the fight for race since then and I admit...Malaysia have achieved far beyond that it can achieve today but like what I said earlier " how long it gonna last..?"

Mutusamy can't never be changed to be a Malay. Not in this life. Sorry Mutu, it just not gonna happen.......but he can always be a Muslim at anytime, embracing Islam, pray 5 times a day, zakat, haji and fasting. Why not we take this oppurtunity to create stability and peace in Malaysia...?? Why can't we fight for Islam Supremacy instead of Malay Supremacy...?? Why can't we...??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ijtimak 2009

From 9th July - 12th July, a huge Tabligh gathering were held at Masjid Kuarters KLIA Sepang. Although this is not the largest gathering (Ijtimak), still the number of people that participated in the event is merely 200,000 peoples. The picture below was taken at Masjid KLIA. It has nothing to do with the Ijtimak. I was just fooling around to snap some pictures..hehehehe..
From my understanding, the similiar gathering ever happened in Malaysia was in year 1982. In that case, I was still 3 years old at that time. Now that I am 30 years old, Allah has choosed me to be part of the chosen people. I am grateful for that.
This is a few of the camp that i managed to capture. One camp can accomodate more than 10,000 people (my own quick calculation). There are about 15 camps altogether. At first, I thought I'm seeing a hangar (place where MAS keep their aeroplane). It just so huge that I always have a problem finding my bag.

Then, big shot like Najib Tun Razak, Mohd Hassan came. I also heard that Anwar also came. But they just came for a short while only. It is important for these politician to come. It will be like some sort of recognition to this movement. Anyway, Allah's recognition is much important compare to anything.

I love to loafing around in Kelantan camp. Inside, you can find a lot of ustaz and hafiz. Altough is just not a big deal to make frenz with them but for me, is just more than anything. I always dream myself as a hafiz one day but if I can't be one, I can always have a hafiz as a frenz.

Then, I took some potraiture foto for my collection. Some Maliki disciple consider taking picture as haram. So I have to be careful in choosing my subject. Most of the time, I will asked their consent to avoid any misunderstanding.
It was a great experience in that Ijtimak. One important thing for all to understand is, dakwah is not for one group task. It's the responsibility of all muslims in this world. Success in the real meaning is when Allah redha to us. May Allah bless all these peoples that wiling to gave their time for Islam...Insya Allah....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shopping Spree

So, Hazwan got chicken pox since last week. My wife and me took our day off alternately to look after Hazwan.

The first few days, everything were just fine but after that...everybody got bored. Not only the baby sitter but the patient, we decided to spice up a little today and went for shopping as a preparation for Hari Raya...hahahhahah.....I know it just too early for that but, we're bored...seriously the old saying "shopping is the best therapy"....hehehehe...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Once in a lifetime

For the last few days, hazwan has not been in a good shape. He got chicken pox and can't go to school (Taska). My wife and me took our day off to keep Hazwan quarantine in our home. He should be separated from his frenz and sibling to avoid the desease from spread.

Hazwan taking his own bath :-
It has been a week now and I'm still on leave today. One good thing about kid is that, they have the ability to recover quickly from any sort of illness. Hazwan is in recovering stage now. He should be ok by next week I guess.

Treatment that we used...well, we combined both modern and traditional medicine. Both medications provide almost the same objective,
1.) to avoid skin itchiness
2.) to avoid the virus from spread.

We used Daun Semambu during bath time. After bath time, We don't wipe it. We let it dry by itself. At nite, we asked Hazwan to take a medicine provided by the doctor because it is clean. Using Daun Semambu during sleep might be a bit messy so anti-itchy cream will do. Hope he'll recover soon.

Daun Semambu :-
Hazwan is just vulnerable with any skin desease. He's the only person in our family that have history of G6PD, a lack of certain enzyme inside his body. Two weeks after his birth in February 2007, he got this skin desease which doctor can only defined as a skin desease.

His skin just cracked and blood dripped in between the crack. Hazwan got admitted for about a week in Hospital Besut along with my wife. I was doing my 6 months probation in Toyota at that time and for 6 months, I can't apply for any day off. Wife and newly borned baby in Besut, and I am in Shah Alam with no mercy from Toyota....It was a disaster.

Hazwan in Hospital Besut dated 9/3/2007 :- Alhamdulillah, Hazwan recovered from his illness but we still can't figure out what that skin desease really was. Anyway, after I completed my probation period, I tender my resignation letter to Toyota and I'm pleased with that decision. heheheh...
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