Friday, October 30, 2009


I received a mail from CNI last week. I'm quite surprise with the content. Well, if we look at the letter below, it's pretty much self explanatory.
Now, I'm not sure what this is all about. All I know back in year 2002 I was just trying to be nice with this person and he straight ahead come to a CNI topic. It was probably around 6pm when the conversation taken place at the time. The man kept on talking about CNI until Maghrib is nearly end. I took out my RM80 for the membership fee just to get the guy stop so that we can perform solat Mahgrib together....and I never see him after that...

I remember giving all the product to my mother in Alor Setar. I also remember that she feel comfortable with the product that she had taken. And I also remember that she keep on buying the product till today but I never buy anything at all.

The CNI outlet in Alor Setar has been so kind to my mother. The owner keep on renewing my membership every year. This is probably because my mother has been a loyal customer to him.

So, from regular member to CNI....I have received SILVER DISTRIBUTOR title this year. It just so unbelievable...a distributor..?? I don't even have a single CNI product at all.. hahahaha....the world has going banana...

I'm still confuse and I really don't know whether I should go or not to Genting this coming Sunday. If I go, then the possibility for me to stand on the stage and giving the audience a brilliant story of my journey to become a silver distributor is definitely high. I mean, what should I talk about..., that I'm not doing anything..?? I'm so confuse.......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As busy as bee

It has been a while since the last post. I’ve been busy in the office…busy like bee. The current project that I’m into has put me under constant pressure for the last 5 months. I’m working more than 10 hours a day now. Plus the compulsory 2 hours on the journey home-office-home, I just got a few hours for my family and myself. Busy..busy..busy…

We got dateline to chase and that’s why we are under tremendous pressure now. Every stage of development need to be completed or otherwise there will be no payment from customer. In my head, I think no other than my unfinished work. Even if I wake up in the wee hour, the first thing come into my mind is my work. I just can’t let it go..

Although you’re not moving a lot and just sit at one place doing design all day long, it also make you feel tired. You work under limited timeline, the design is new altogether, boss is chasing for presentation and etc…it just drain all your energy away. By the end of the day, you just got so exhausted that you become blank all of the sudden….hahahha.. It’ll finish soon… just focus for now…

So, busy in the weekdays but forget ‘bout everything in the weekend. Enjoy the weekend and relax… chill out… and don’t forget to watch football…hehehehe

Friday, October 16, 2009

N31 Bagan Pinang

Lepas jer Sambutan Aidilfitri baru2 nie, hujung minggu yg sama ada event kat Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. Menteri pelancongan turun padang. Habis dibawaknya semua belon2, karaoke set, gajah2 sarkis, artis2 semua turun... hmmm, typical la tuh...kebetulan plak minggu depan tuh ada penamaan calon untuk PRK N31 kat situ, belum sempat apa2 lagi BN dah awal2 lagi turun berkempen...

..meriah Teluk Komang sampai Hafiz pun senyum...

..tunggu bas ker kak..?? bas tak lalu tepi pantai nie, bot ada laa..

Seminggu lepas tuh, baru la kumpulan PAS dari seluruh negara datang berkampung kat N9...BN dari awal lagi dah ready...duit pun dah siap tabur kat ramai orang. Parti kaya la katakan..Sewaktu pengumuman Isa jadi calon BN kat Bagan Pinang nie, kawan kita dapat RM800 dari kem BN..kayo kawan pakcik tuh...

Penamaan Calon 3 Oktober

Kat Springhill nie, PAS cawangan sini jadi tuan rumah untuk gerakan ke kawasan estet-estet kat siliau. Masalahnya, PAS cawangan Springhill nie baru berusia 5 bulan. Pulak tu, kebanyakkan orang kat sini semuanya bukan orang N9...bila PAS negeri lain kemukakan soalan pasal kawasan setempat dan sebagainya, semua pakat nganga..hehehe...yg tau cuma kedai makan ja..hahahha...pastu, pakat2 sengih la kami.

Sepanjang tempoh berkempen tak usah cakap laa..byk sangat insiden yg buruk berlaku. Rata2nya disebabkan oleh orang luar...pihak BN pun sama, PAS pun sama...Rasanya, orang N9 sendiri takde sampai gaduh2...tapi kehadiran orang luar yg ramai sangat itu yg menyebabkan keadaan tak terkawal.

Kemudian, media plak menyebarkan fitnah mengatakan parti PAS nie parti ganas...mmg akhirnya rakyat termakan ngan fitnah media nie..takpa laaa..nak wat camna..

Bagus gak PAS kalah...kalau PAS menang, mungkin akan jadi liabiliti plak kat parti...PD nie penuh ngan hotel dan kebanyakkan hotel mesti ada arak...pastu plak kerap kali pesta maksiat berlaku di PD....malam merdeka la, tahun baru la, x'mas laa...macam2...yg kena tangkap pun byk, yg masuk paper pun bukannya sedikit...Kalau PAS dapat kawasan nie, takut akan jadi isu yg bakal dimainkan oleh BN untuk menjatuhkan PAS..

Anyway, ini pengalaman baru untuk aku....tak sangka, orang rasuah pun rakyat boleh pilih lagi...kali nie, Dr. M pun ngaku dia silap.....heheheh....tahniah N9

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ahmad Marzuki bin Rifat

The man inside the circle is Mat Kie. His real name is Ahmad Marzuki bin Rifat. He was a good friend of mine during secondary school. We were both in the same class during form 1. We have been very good friend since then.

gambar kengkawan

Mat Kie was a good person. He was handsome, charming, friendly, funny…well, the list goes on. He was well known by most of teenage girls in Alor Setar because of that. Although we were in all boys school since primary school, he will always have this confident in front of any girls at that time.

Nobody from our badge in KSAH have any problem with Mat Kie except for the senior. He just knows how to mingle around with us. We’ve been together in joy and sorrow. Most of memories with Mat Kie are just smile and laugh all the way.

I have lost contact with him after I pursue my study in USM but we still meet once in a while during semester break or Hari Raya break. The last time I saw him, was sometimes 3 years ago if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t heard about him since then.

Now, I will never hear about him again anymore. Mat Kie just passed away early Friday morning in Hospital Sungai Buloh. He got lung infection and has been in ICU since a week before Raya. I was shocked when I heard the news and I just can’t believe it. Even until now, I just can’t believe it. It was sad to hear the news and it was even sad because I didn’t have a chance to see him for the last time.

During form 1 in BM class, teacher is explaining to us about pantun when suddenly he asked for an example of pantun from us. He single pointed out to Mat Kie to give the pantun that he asked. With confident in his face, Mat Kie stood up and he read the pantun loud and clear. Mat Kie said :-

Pen merah, pen biru
You marah, I love you…..

....and the class burst with laugh at that time but Mat Kie still maintained his confident faces.

Today, both persons have gone forever. The teacher, Cikgu Mansor and Ahmad Marzuki bin Rifat. To those who know them, please forgive them sincerely. Al-Fatihah….

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something to share

This is Mat Jan (Dr. Shahrizan). He's my brother-in-law. Seem like we share the same hobby here. During the Hari Raya holiday, I got a chance to try his DSLR and he also got the chance to try mine. He has a good eye on photography sometimes. I like the result, especially when he used my are some of the pics

This is Mat Jan in action....

Smiley to Mat Jan....

Silhouette coconut to Mat Jan

Hadi to Mat Jan

Sunset at Pantai Air Tawar...this is me

Track...this is me

Huda's pen...this is me using Mat Jan's camera...

Juan colour tweak.....this is me using Mat Jan's camera

Playing...this is me using Mat Jan's camera
Beautiful shiny day...

Crossing to Mat Jan
Not sure what this is...but it is from me..hehehe
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