Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is my shoe. Sister bought it from Milan….

GEOX is well known for it invention in producing breathable shoe. It has a new type of material that lets your foot perspiration go out from your shoe but at the same time prevent any water from coming in. pretty much the same concept with Gore-tex technology.

Problem is, a few frenz told me that GEOX in China has pigskin lining to provide comfort to one who wears it. It doesn’t state inside the product/material description but you can actually found it inside blogs, forums in the Internet.

Looking at the product closely, I actually failed to find any obvious “3 dots” but the pattern is there.

Now, Italian is known with the passion to perfection and that does apply to almost everything. The Ferarri for instance, can be the most luxurious sport car in the world and the leather seat is actually from pigskin. Why…?? Because pigskin is almost similar to human skin. When the 2 similar skins touched, it provides ultimate comfort to the driver/passenger.

I’m not convince with my shoe…. and since I’m not convince that this shoe is pigskin-free, I just have to wrap it with plastic and place it in the corner of my house. If anyone interested to buy it from me, just gimme a call okay....

This is from today's newspaper

1 Response to My GEOX

December 5, 2009 at 9:08 PM

mmm jul.. memang betul aa kalau ada 3 titik tu.. sah sah kulit tuttttttt.... kalau sebut kat blog hang ni perkataan tu nanti kena samak plak blog hang ni.... so aku guna tutttttttt ja aaa.. hahahaha.. semalam aku rayau2 hongkong nak beli kasut.. kebanyakkan kasut kat sini memang guna kulit tu.... hampeh tul.. aku siap dah terbeli satu... :p

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