Friday, November 13, 2009

Apa dah jadi..??

Lebih kurang seminggu sudah, negara digemparkan dengan kes penangkapan Dr. Asri di Taman Sri Ukay. Tangkapan dilakukan oleh Polis dan JAIS. Alasan penangkapan yg aku tahu setakat nie sebab Dr. Asri memberikan ceramah tanpa tauliah. Pelik, sebabnya Dr. Asri nie bekas mufti negeri Perlis. Tauliah yg macam mana lagi perlu untuk seseorang yg berilmu agar dia boleh berceramah pasal ilmu...?? Pelik JAIS nie. Tapi nak hairan lebih-lebih pun tak boleh jugak. Sebabnya, orang yg pernah terlibat dalam memberi tauliah tersebut pun tak boleh nak berceramah untuk menyampaikan ilmu. Tengok apa jadi dengan Ustaz Ismail Kamus dan Ustaz Harun Din...

Kemudian, berita semalam pulak melaporkan yang SPRM nak siasat Tuan Guru Nik Aziz kerana didakwa menerima penajaan dari orang tertentu untuk bawak Tuan Guru beserta keluarganya buat haji di Mekah. Ini pun pelik jugak...takde sebab Tuan Guru nak ke Mekah pakai duit rasuah. Giler apa...
Kesian pada individu yg berhajat nak hantar Tuan Guru ke Mekah tuh. Tuan Guru terpaksa batalkan niat dia nak buat Haji tahun nie kerana berita fitnah nie. Padahal individu tu nak ikut serta buat haji dengan Tuan Guru. Kalau aku pun, aku sedih... Patut-patut dapat peluang buat haji dengan bimbingan orang alim, tgk2 takde rezeki sebab fitnah manusia sebangsa...

Apa la agaknya strategi pak lawak - pak lawak kat Malaysia nie..?? Apa lagi lawak yang diorang nak buat lepas nie..?? MasyaAllah...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is my shoe. Sister bought it from Milan….

GEOX is well known for it invention in producing breathable shoe. It has a new type of material that lets your foot perspiration go out from your shoe but at the same time prevent any water from coming in. pretty much the same concept with Gore-tex technology.

Problem is, a few frenz told me that GEOX in China has pigskin lining to provide comfort to one who wears it. It doesn’t state inside the product/material description but you can actually found it inside blogs, forums in the Internet.

Looking at the product closely, I actually failed to find any obvious “3 dots” but the pattern is there.

Now, Italian is known with the passion to perfection and that does apply to almost everything. The Ferarri for instance, can be the most luxurious sport car in the world and the leather seat is actually from pigskin. Why…?? Because pigskin is almost similar to human skin. When the 2 similar skins touched, it provides ultimate comfort to the driver/passenger.

I’m not convince with my shoe…. and since I’m not convince that this shoe is pigskin-free, I just have to wrap it with plastic and place it in the corner of my house. If anyone interested to buy it from me, just gimme a call okay....

This is from today's newspaper

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I’ve been busy in the office the whole week. The workload even needs me to come to work on Saturday. I promised myself to take my family out on last Saturday night and yes I did….but the problem is, I was too tired that I feel like a zombie that night. I can’t respond properly to our conversation. I lost focus most of the time.

So, I tried to make it all up again on Sunday. I decided to cook for my family that day and boy I did… The menu….NASI TOMATO, AYAM GORENG BEREMPAH and GULAI DAGING. I started all that somewhere around 11.45am and by 1.30pm, I only managed to cooked the 3 menus stated…heheheh…

My wife gave me 5 stars for the Nasi Tomato. I'm glad that I finally did some "get together" thing for my family last week.
I’m not a good cooker and I have to admit that. But one thing that I realize since primary school is that, I always got lucky when it come to cooking. In one case during secondary school, I went to a scout camp. On the last day, we had a cooking competition somehow my group just pushed me to represent our group. Frankly say, I have no idea of what to cook or how to cook. I just chucked everything inside the frying pan and the last thing I know, they choose my menu as a winner. There’s no logic explanation on that but its real.

Later in the evening, we went to the beach nearby. It was a lovely evening as I managed to snap a few good shots.

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