Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walimatul Urus

Name : Tajul Adli bin Abdul Razak
Task : In charge of food, beverage supply and the cleanliness of the table and chair at check point 1
Time in : 9.30 am
Time out : 5.00 pm
Event : Kenduri Kahwin anak lelaki Hj Khamis..

The top left is Hj Khamis and her wife...The top right is the "raja sehari" together with the usherer...Below left is our beloved Pengerusi Majlis, Hj. Ramli...and you can see the formal badge of the "penanggah'....

Respect the kids here...they love to help and made themselves available at the kenduri. Some of the happy face taken from my lens...

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