Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The greatest conman

This is Bernard Madoff. This is the man who's responsible for all the financial turmoil around the world today.

I watched a Discovery Channel on last Sunday. It was an interesting issue to make my eye stuck to the tv that day. Eveverybody were sleeping soundly and it kept me focus to the documentary.

Well, the story started with this guy history. Where he was borned, the parent, the childhood age etc.....Then he started an investment company which link him to the biggest casino in the world, THE WALL STREET.

In 1991, he started a ponzi scheme and cheat a lots of investors from all walk of life. This ponzi shceme not only famous in USA but also spreaded all over the world by means of internet. Until December 10th, 2008 he decided to confessed to his sons and his sons brought this matter to the famous FBI.

He got caught, convicted and today in usatoday.com, the US court has sentence him 150 years in prison.

This is a picture of the United State Court House:-

Now, what does not include inside the documentary was...where is that $65 billion money gone to? It doesn't make any sense that kinda amount can dissapeared without the goverment know about it.

Then the other question is, with this magnitude of scandal, is it possible that he work alone..?? I bet not...This guy is Jewish, and in America...Jewish are always the man behind the scene to almost all the major things happened in that country.

In January 2008, I went to a World Peace forum in KL. The speaker that day, Dr. Michel Chossudovsky revealed that this money is used to support the weapons development in US. The weapons then were shipped to Israel and the result of that, we have the saddest tragedy in Palestine since November 4th, 2008.

The people of Palestine has become a lab rat for the Israel to test their new weapon technology. Browse the internet, look for the answer yourself. The casualties caused by the weapons are something no doctor ever see. This reported by the volunteer doctors from Jordan. Please click the link report from Dr. Hamdi and click here for report from Dr. Zagha

p/s: warning...the slide shows horrible things. Unless you can stand ugly things, this is not recommended.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a picture

Picture speak a thousand words....................

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first Digital Camera

I still can recall attending a gathering with my frenz from USM. We will have a similiar gathering annually at a planned location. Normally, Helmi and Amin will be the mastermind for this activity.

Helmi is know as a great guy with gadget. During our gathering at Desa Waterpark in year 2004, Helmi shot a lots of picture from his digital camera. At that time, digital camera was a rocket science technology and not a familiar sight. Helmi used Nikon Coolpix 3200 and his the only one from our group that possess such technology.
I'm always a Nikon admirer and Helmi's camera really caught my eye. A month after that, I bought a brand new Nikon Coolpix of my own. Almost similiar to Helmi's except for the spec. Mine is Nikon Coolpix 2000

This is the first picture taken by me.
Location : inside my car after I managed to find a parking space.
Then, I went to Amin’s apartment. Here is the second picture taken by me. Note the Norwich City jersey…he only wear it in the house….hahahhaa….I spent a night there, familiarizing myself with the camera…a few candid of sleeping people including Bujie at that time….hahahaha…It just a great memory back then…..Thanx to Nikon….

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things that make you grown up


This is Tajul Hafiz, my 3rd son. He just turn 6 months old yesterday....You see, when Hazwan (the 2nd son) came into the family, we already have more than a year of experience in parenting. We thought...well, I thought its gonna be a bit easier to take care a 2nd child. Thought the experience of 1st child can be carried over to the next child, so on and so forth. But damn..!! I was wrong...the 2nd child has completely different personality with the 1st child and I learned a jolly good lesson during that time..

Now, with Hafiz...I don't expect it to be easier but I also never expect it to be that harder..hahahahaha.....6 months down the road and still we have to listen to his vocal training session in the middle of the nite till 2.00 or 3.00 am..everyday, 7 days a week.....When our body got tired, the mind got exhausted and judgement deteriorate...These lead to another 1000 of problems....

Today, we just came back from Darul Syifa'....Hoping to get a little solution for Hafiz...I'm not complaining, not to mentioned any ungrateful feeling in this blog....I'm grateful to have Hafiz more than anyone can imagine...It just, I feel pity for my wife...........

Just the two of us

Look at this scene...a senior couple is enjoying the sunset view on the horizon..
So sweet...

I hope my love to my wife is infinity...Hope this happiness will last forever..Such a wonderful journey since I met you and all I can say, you complete me my dear....

Monday, June 8, 2009

All about family

I can't really recall when these pictures are taken. What I can remember is that, we were having dinner at Kenny Rogers and my wife cleared the bill for us....no wonder the food was so good that nite...hehehehe...Hadi and Hazwan were doing their routine marathon after the meal...this time around, they even run till both of them lost from my sight...I got a pretty good exercise that nite try to catch them up...
Hafiz wore a new shirt...A large printed sentence on the chest written " IF I DON'T SLEEP, NOBODY SLEEP"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pattern again...


I just love the color...hehehehe...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walimatul Urus

Name : Tajul Adli bin Abdul Razak
Task : In charge of food, beverage supply and the cleanliness of the table and chair at check point 1
Time in : 9.30 am
Time out : 5.00 pm
Event : Kenduri Kahwin anak lelaki Hj Khamis..

The top left is Hj Khamis and her wife...The top right is the "raja sehari" together with the usherer...Below left is our beloved Pengerusi Majlis, Hj. Ramli...and you can see the formal badge of the "penanggah'....

Respect the kids here...they love to help and made themselves available at the kenduri. Some of the happy face taken from my lens...
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