Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something to share

This is Mat Jan (Dr. Shahrizan). He's my brother-in-law. Seem like we share the same hobby here. During the Hari Raya holiday, I got a chance to try his DSLR and he also got the chance to try mine. He has a good eye on photography sometimes. I like the result, especially when he used my are some of the pics

This is Mat Jan in action....

Smiley to Mat Jan....

Silhouette coconut to Mat Jan

Hadi to Mat Jan

Sunset at Pantai Air Tawar...this is me

Track...this is me

Huda's pen...this is me using Mat Jan's camera...

Juan colour tweak.....this is me using Mat Jan's camera

Playing...this is me using Mat Jan's camera
Beautiful shiny day...

Crossing to Mat Jan
Not sure what this is...but it is from me..hehehe

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