Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brilliant move...

Our government has been very vocal about illegal sand mining and water issue in Selangor. The best part is, everyone in UMNO are saying the same script about the issue. It’s kinda fishy for me.

Earlier, the Government struggling to answer the APCO and FELDA issue to the public. Then, they got away with it when the Israel with Mavi Marmara issue gave them a very good maneuver to their image. I personally support our government in condemning Israel at the time. Hearing Najib and Muhyiddin firmly want to bring the issue to more than just condemning Israel is somehow so aspiring to me. The government got majority of Malaysian backing their back during that time.

But, I don’t know which strategy that they took when out of the blue; the Government suddenly attacks Selagor and PKR regarding the illegal sand mining and water issue. The news spread all over our prime newspaper. All government channels were showing our leaders condemning Selangor about the issue. It took more than 20 minutes a night for merely a week. Without any room for Opposition to explain the actual thing, it’s somehow portrayed our Government as something that we do not like. A portray of a Government that like to politic more and less work.

What I don’t know was that, our Government actually planning secretly to increase the fuel and sugar price in the near time. So last night, fuel and sugar price did increase a little. Nobody ever expect it to increase until the last 3.5hours before the implementation. So today, the fuel price went up, the cooking gas price went up and sugar price also went up. Brilliant move isn't it..???

No wonder I did smell a dead fish recently.

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