Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding Photography

(I have to removed the original picture to respect Nik's wife)

This is Nik. We work in the same Vehicle Engineering Department (VED) in Lotus. He is a good guy and recommended to any girl who wishes to have a responsible husband. Hehehe… but from the picture above, Nik is just not available anymore. Pity, pity, pity….
This is my first time doing wedding photography. Since, Nik didn’t have any dedicated photographer for his wedding (he’s kinda a very simple and outgoing guy), I just decided to volunteer myself to be his wedding photographer.

Since time is against me, I can’t follow the event from the earlier stage..so, my focus was more on the bersanding, makan sama-sama and a bit outdoor at the nearby pool.

But the best part is, I got a chance to make the picture become a coffee album. The whole VED in Lotus agreed to share the cost of the coffee album. It is more like a wedding present from us to Nik…and when the coffee album is completed, I’m so please with the result. Normally, if I print my best picture in big size..I will never get the right color that I wanted but this time around, the result is just amazing. I never expect it to be so close to what I want. I am so please.

(I have to removed the original picture to respect Nik's wife)

the size is 24inch long and 10inch width

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