Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tough week

Fuh..!! what a week... My wife, Hadi and Hafiz are all chicken pox positive. Last week, it was Hazwan and this week all three are infected. Hadi is not as bad as Hafiz. It seem that Hadi's chicken pox is smaller and less area compare to Hafiz but the worst is my wife. With fever added to the condition, she really not in a good shape at all. I have to take EL on Wednesday to become a temporary mom to my kids...heheheheheh....

To make things worse, I also have a design review (sort like a presentation) with my boss the very same week. To postpone is not an option. In the mean time, I have to take a leave due to family matter. Although I'm no superman but in this case I have to become one...Alhamdulillah, everything just went smoothly and silky...hehhehhe...

Hadi :- he's doing ok, just lost his appetite a bit...

Hafiz :- recovering....

Tips : If any of you got chicken pox or similiar, try to use this method.
1.) Hold the patient with you right hand and a bottle of water (a cup of, a glass of...whatever) with your left hand
2.) Istighfar 3x
3.) Recite Surah Al-Fatihah
4.) Selawat Syifa'
5.) Surah AL-Hasyr (21-24)
6.) Blow it to the water...ask the patient to drink and bath with that water.
Water that can be used....list from best to less
1.) Air zamzam
2.) Clear water that recited with Yassin with 40 peoples or more.
3.) Water from ablution pool from masjid
4.) Natural mineral water
5.) Reverse Osmosis water
6) Any other clean clear water.
...with your heart sincerely hoping only from Allah, will be the greatest cure..

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