Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last week

We went to KLIA last week. My family-in-law are going to go to Mekah for Umrah. Mat Jan (Dr. Shahrizan now, like Dr House), Along, Abah and Ma are the one who managed to squeezed their time and saving for that purpose. I wish I can do that as well...InsyaAllah, the time for me and my family will come..
Then, we went to Putrajaya for a lunch....This Jedi just came from nowhere and kidnapped Hafiz in front of me.....

But I remained calm, as I took my family for a good lunch during that weekend to Penarik, Terengganu...Lovely food..Bet the bad Jedi doesn't realize my genius plan till now...hehehe

Then, the Jedi and me had a serious duel in a checker game and I defeat her...and now, Hafiz is all mine again..wakakakakaakak..

1 Response to Last week

August 8, 2009 at 11:38 AM

klu jedi lawa gitu, berebut2 orang nak kawen ngan jedi..hehehe
tajul, ko dah kena tag!

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