Monday, July 6, 2009

Once in a lifetime

For the last few days, hazwan has not been in a good shape. He got chicken pox and can't go to school (Taska). My wife and me took our day off to keep Hazwan quarantine in our home. He should be separated from his frenz and sibling to avoid the desease from spread.

Hazwan taking his own bath :-
It has been a week now and I'm still on leave today. One good thing about kid is that, they have the ability to recover quickly from any sort of illness. Hazwan is in recovering stage now. He should be ok by next week I guess.

Treatment that we used...well, we combined both modern and traditional medicine. Both medications provide almost the same objective,
1.) to avoid skin itchiness
2.) to avoid the virus from spread.

We used Daun Semambu during bath time. After bath time, We don't wipe it. We let it dry by itself. At nite, we asked Hazwan to take a medicine provided by the doctor because it is clean. Using Daun Semambu during sleep might be a bit messy so anti-itchy cream will do. Hope he'll recover soon.

Daun Semambu :-
Hazwan is just vulnerable with any skin desease. He's the only person in our family that have history of G6PD, a lack of certain enzyme inside his body. Two weeks after his birth in February 2007, he got this skin desease which doctor can only defined as a skin desease.

His skin just cracked and blood dripped in between the crack. Hazwan got admitted for about a week in Hospital Besut along with my wife. I was doing my 6 months probation in Toyota at that time and for 6 months, I can't apply for any day off. Wife and newly borned baby in Besut, and I am in Shah Alam with no mercy from Toyota....It was a disaster.

Hazwan in Hospital Besut dated 9/3/2007 :- Alhamdulillah, Hazwan recovered from his illness but we still can't figure out what that skin desease really was. Anyway, after I completed my probation period, I tender my resignation letter to Toyota and I'm pleased with that decision. heheheh...

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