Thursday, July 16, 2009

Love the ulama' and you'll be loved

This is me beside Ustaz Haji Abdullah. He is probably around 70 years plus if I'm not mistaken. He has dedicated almost all his life to Islam..learning and teaching. He has students in Mekah and he also has students here in Malaysia. It is believed that he has more than thousands of students all over the world. Knowing him and kissing his hand is just a bless for me. Although his student has become Imam, Ustaz and Khadi, he's still a humble person and friendly...Feel like crying when comparing myself with him.
Then a picture with YB Kuala Krai and Member of Syura.
Behind us is a Bangladesh camp and this is their picture.

Arab, Pakistani, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Siamese, Myanmar, African ect all came to Ijtimak in the name of Islam. Everyone from different background, old and young, wealthy and poor, leaders and followers...all are just the same. People unite in the name of Islam, giving in the name of Islam, sharing in the name of Islam. When our leaders been talking about Malay supremacy, I just can't help but long for this unfair policy will last..?? Yes, I'm grateful to be borned as a Malay, to be able to received a lot of benefit in this lovely country as a Malay. Question is, is it right what our leader has been doing now..?? I mean, Mutusamy, Ah Cheong and Nirat Nom will always be an Indian, Chinese and Siamese...They can never be a Malay if they want it to. Obviously, they will be denied all the benefit that Malay will have. They will still be the race that they are till death..... even if they sacrified everything for the country, the fact that they are Indian, Chinese and Siamese will remain the same.

The world change through out the time. People mindset evolve along the way creating mature, typical and complex way of thinking among public. We've been independent for more than 50 years now. Yes, older people can accept the fight for race since then and I admit...Malaysia have achieved far beyond that it can achieve today but like what I said earlier " how long it gonna last..?"

Mutusamy can't never be changed to be a Malay. Not in this life. Sorry Mutu, it just not gonna happen.......but he can always be a Muslim at anytime, embracing Islam, pray 5 times a day, zakat, haji and fasting. Why not we take this oppurtunity to create stability and peace in Malaysia...?? Why can't we fight for Islam Supremacy instead of Malay Supremacy...?? Why can't we...??

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