Sunday, September 13, 2009

A week before Raya

It was Saturday and Hari Raya is just a week to go. We thought today we would like to go to Jusco at Seremban 2 to find a couple of trousers for our growing kids. Unfortunately, Hafiz was admitted to Seremban Specialist the very same day. So, shopping cancelled for that day….heheheheh…
It all started 2 weeks ago. We’ve been consulted by a doctor from nearby clinic on Hafiz condition. Hafiz got diarrhea and the first week, doctor just gave us some common medicine to help Hafiz. One week has passed by but the condition remained the same.

On the second week, doctor started on antibiotic and told us to continue it for at least one week. But, like before….nothing has change. So, we’ve been advised to refer Hafiz to hospital for further treatment.

Thought on that Saturday, the hospital will only do some ultra scanning on Hafiz to see anything abnormal in his stomach….never thought that Hafiz will be warded that day. That’s why the “Plan A” was to go shopping after seeing a doctor. Now that Hafiz is admitted, we have to change to “Plan B” and that is….to wait till Hafiz is discharge again.

For 6 days from Saturday till Thursday Hafiz was in hospital, the doctor failed to find anything wrong with Hafiz. Hafiz has no fever (fever show sign of virus infection), no virus in his blood sample and no virus in his stool sample as well. At the end, the formal diagnostic for Hafiz is pneumonia. Man..!! I’m confused….

The patient on the next bed...
I think the doctor is still want to continue the treatment for Hafiz but my wife requested to discharge since we need to go back to Alor Setar for Hari Raya. Lucky for me the doctor allowed it.

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