Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love the Cikgu

Since 1995, the 3rd day of Hari Raya has always been a special day for my ex-classmate and me. We have never failed to visit these 2 most important houses, Rumah Cikgu Fauziah and Rumah Ustazah Mariah.

Cikgu Fauziah was our class teacher back then and it should be quite obvious for the reason of the annual visit to her house. Ustazah Mariah…well, I can’t actually remember why but we never failed to visit her house either. I need to check it again with my ex-classmate.

It has become sort like an annual gathering for us as well. To update with each other, to plan ahead in group etc… The whole class is like 20 students or something. All are boys. Although the number that turned up every year is inconsistent, the visit will always take place no matter what. During the time when we are all still a professional working bachelor, the gathering will mostly ended up with futsal game or another gathering at mamak restaurant. Now, with the bachelor title change to married man…the gathering will mostly ended up due to family matters…baby’s crying, driving back to parent-in-law house etc.

Cikgu Fauziah and Ustazah Mariah have always welcome us with warm. The story about my class has never failed a single year from 1995 till now to visit these 2 houses during 3rd Raya has been repeatedly told to form 5 student in Sultan Abdul Hamid College every year. Ustazah called us a legend in front of her student. Cikgu Fauziah kept her thought with her family. Hope, we still can do all this for another 100 years. I just love all the smiley faces.

For those who become a teacher or ustazah or lecturer or whatever educational line you are… just remember one thing, although the career that you took may not be the glamorous career ever but for your student, you’re their angel. For every years that passed by, for every groups of student that you have delivered your knowledge to, for every scolding and canning that sincerely to make the student to become a better person…. all that will always be a blessed memory and remembered as a good deed. My class is a good example as we pay our respect to our teachers every year. We pray for the best of our teachers in their life and the world after. Probably your student will do the same..who knows...

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