Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Emotional Day

My life as a married man began on 17 November 2004. 18 November was the ceremony at Besut. Then, 25 November 2004 we had the ceremony in Alor Setar. At first glance, people thought it was the Christmas day and that was exactly what had happened when some of my friends come to attend my wedding ceremony on Christmas (I still appreciate your effort to come Ita, even at this point when I’m writing this entry). Alhamdulillah, it was the most wonderful moment in my life.

Anyway, I rent a house in PD for a year before I finally bought a house in the same area. We officially moved to our new house on 11 December 2005. We are so excited about it that we plan to have a house-warming the next day. I did make an announcement at the nearby surau to invite anyone available for the house-warming. We would like to know our neighborhood and we want them to know our present. What we don’t realize is that, Hadi also was so eager to meet the neighborhood. So, the house-warming was still continuing but my wife and I was in hospital waiting for our first new born son. House-warming without the house owner….
And the year goes by. After Hadi, Hazwan come to cheer our already cheerful life. Then Hafiz also joins the party. What is already wonderful become more magnificent in our life now. 6 years of happiness and I hope this happiness will never end.

Only one thing is missing. It’s probably nothing but it really matter for me. My parent, they actually never come to my home since the first day of our marriage. I’m not talking about weeks, I’m not talking about months but I’m talking about 6 years, 2 different houses and 3 grandchildren, yet they never set a foot in our house. I don’t feel it that much at the beginning but after a while, it kinda hurt me inside. My parent is still alive, only that my father is not that healthy as he used to be. All happened because he felt in bathroom and knocked his back neck at the bath tub. Since that day, he has lost hias ability to walk. His right body paralyzed from top to bottom.

He stayed paralyzed for months but after siries of physiotherapy in Italy (he felt in my sister's house in Italy) he finally gained 70% - 80% of his previous condition. That is more than good enough for a man in his age. Coming back to Malaysia, he forgot to say no to pulut. The effect of that food is so rapid that the next day he woke up from bed, he just back to square again. He got paralyzed again from head to toe and months of physio just went down the drain.

People said, if you hit the first time then you still got a chance but when you hit the same thing the second time, it's gonna be very nasty. Same goes with my father, this time around is just too difficult for him to recover. No more travelling to children's house, no more kedai kopi just sitting and lying.

But today is an emotional day. My parent finally come to my house. After 6 years of hoping and waiting, they finally come and see where I live and stay. Like I mentioned earlier, it's probably not a big deal but for me it's just enormous.


Yong and Abang E

My wife has been very supportive today. She cooks, she cleans, she did everything that she can to treat my parent like a king and queen. You probably rarely hear me saying this but I love you so much Dear. I can't thank you anymore for what you've done today. It just beyond words to show how I'm happy that you're around. You're simply amazing.

Wow..!! this entry is just too long now. Got to log off now before it's too late....hehehehhe

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