Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UITM Convocation Day

My graduation day was in August 2002 and that’s all I can remember. If you ask me where is my degree now, I need 3 days at least before I can answer that question. Why such attitude..? because my degree is not recognize by BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia) Thanx to the flip flop government education policy.

But today is a different thing. I got a job to shoot a graduation day. I was surprised at first coz’ never expect a student will hire a photographer on his/her graduation day. My guess that this person must be some big shot or something but I was wrong. Turn out, almost everyone have his or her own hired photographer. Never thought I was so backdated.

This is my frenz and me. He was the one who won the job. I just came along as a hobbyist.

The whole UITM in Malaysia, from Perlis to Sabah will celebrate their graduation day in UITM Shah Alam. Without a doubt, this is a very long ceremony.

Kids just can’t stay that long.

Even adult also failed to keep their eye open.

To keep the traffic inside the campus remain under control, all visitors and graduate have to park their vehicle at designated area. From there, they will be transported by bus to the main Hall.

It just so convinience

Imagine just how this ceremony has a huge impact on Shah Alam alone. The hotels will be fully booked, the florist will sell a lots of flower to the graduate, the restaurant nearby, the souvenir shops…everything. It all about big scale and huge profit.

The florist will make a fortune from this event

The catering also ( I don’t remember USM ever give us a coffee or tea on our graduation day. They should really look into it very soon)

I think, photographers make the most fortune during the whole event.

When it comes to graduation day, you just can’t miss the series of happy face. Combined with colorful flowers and smile on their face, it just makes a picture become so alive.

Anyway, I really got some nice shot that day. It has been long since I got the last picture that please me. I hope my client will love what we are going to deliver. To potray someone as a real her or he in a 2D picture is something so hard to achieve. I hope my piece is not just merely a picture. I hope its more than a picture.

This our client. Congratulation on your Graduation Day and all the best in the future

2 Response to UITM Convocation Day

June 10, 2010 at 2:54 PM

Wallaweh.. ChanTeq..!! Den pun sensitip bilo sobut pasal konvo ni..

June 19, 2010 at 7:56 AM

aku pun sama..nyampah sket kalau ada kaitan dengan konvo nie..ehh, dah semua UITM pi shah alam..hang tak kena pi sana ka..?? bagi skroll ker, bagi ucapan ker..tader ker..??

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