Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UITM Convocation Day

My graduation day was in August 2002 and that’s all I can remember. If you ask me where is my degree now, I need 3 days at least before I can answer that question. Why such attitude..? because my degree is not recognize by BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia) Thanx to the flip flop government education policy.

But today is a different thing. I got a job to shoot a graduation day. I was surprised at first coz’ never expect a student will hire a photographer on his/her graduation day. My guess that this person must be some big shot or something but I was wrong. Turn out, almost everyone have his or her own hired photographer. Never thought I was so backdated.

This is my frenz and me. He was the one who won the job. I just came along as a hobbyist.

The whole UITM in Malaysia, from Perlis to Sabah will celebrate their graduation day in UITM Shah Alam. Without a doubt, this is a very long ceremony.

Kids just can’t stay that long.

Even adult also failed to keep their eye open.

To keep the traffic inside the campus remain under control, all visitors and graduate have to park their vehicle at designated area. From there, they will be transported by bus to the main Hall.

It just so convinience

Imagine just how this ceremony has a huge impact on Shah Alam alone. The hotels will be fully booked, the florist will sell a lots of flower to the graduate, the restaurant nearby, the souvenir shops…everything. It all about big scale and huge profit.

The florist will make a fortune from this event

The catering also ( I don’t remember USM ever give us a coffee or tea on our graduation day. They should really look into it very soon)

I think, photographers make the most fortune during the whole event.

When it comes to graduation day, you just can’t miss the series of happy face. Combined with colorful flowers and smile on their face, it just makes a picture become so alive.

Anyway, I really got some nice shot that day. It has been long since I got the last picture that please me. I hope my client will love what we are going to deliver. To potray someone as a real her or he in a 2D picture is something so hard to achieve. I hope my piece is not just merely a picture. I hope its more than a picture.

This our client. Congratulation on your Graduation Day and all the best in the future

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Emotional Day

My life as a married man began on 17 November 2004. 18 November was the ceremony at Besut. Then, 25 November 2004 we had the ceremony in Alor Setar. At first glance, people thought it was the Christmas day and that was exactly what had happened when some of my friends come to attend my wedding ceremony on Christmas (I still appreciate your effort to come Ita, even at this point when I’m writing this entry). Alhamdulillah, it was the most wonderful moment in my life.

Anyway, I rent a house in PD for a year before I finally bought a house in the same area. We officially moved to our new house on 11 December 2005. We are so excited about it that we plan to have a house-warming the next day. I did make an announcement at the nearby surau to invite anyone available for the house-warming. We would like to know our neighborhood and we want them to know our present. What we don’t realize is that, Hadi also was so eager to meet the neighborhood. So, the house-warming was still continuing but my wife and I was in hospital waiting for our first new born son. House-warming without the house owner….
And the year goes by. After Hadi, Hazwan come to cheer our already cheerful life. Then Hafiz also joins the party. What is already wonderful become more magnificent in our life now. 6 years of happiness and I hope this happiness will never end.

Only one thing is missing. It’s probably nothing but it really matter for me. My parent, they actually never come to my home since the first day of our marriage. I’m not talking about weeks, I’m not talking about months but I’m talking about 6 years, 2 different houses and 3 grandchildren, yet they never set a foot in our house. I don’t feel it that much at the beginning but after a while, it kinda hurt me inside. My parent is still alive, only that my father is not that healthy as he used to be. All happened because he felt in bathroom and knocked his back neck at the bath tub. Since that day, he has lost hias ability to walk. His right body paralyzed from top to bottom.

He stayed paralyzed for months but after siries of physiotherapy in Italy (he felt in my sister's house in Italy) he finally gained 70% - 80% of his previous condition. That is more than good enough for a man in his age. Coming back to Malaysia, he forgot to say no to pulut. The effect of that food is so rapid that the next day he woke up from bed, he just back to square again. He got paralyzed again from head to toe and months of physio just went down the drain.

People said, if you hit the first time then you still got a chance but when you hit the same thing the second time, it's gonna be very nasty. Same goes with my father, this time around is just too difficult for him to recover. No more travelling to children's house, no more kedai kopi just sitting and lying.

But today is an emotional day. My parent finally come to my house. After 6 years of hoping and waiting, they finally come and see where I live and stay. Like I mentioned earlier, it's probably not a big deal but for me it's just enormous.


Yong and Abang E

My wife has been very supportive today. She cooks, she cleans, she did everything that she can to treat my parent like a king and queen. You probably rarely hear me saying this but I love you so much Dear. I can't thank you anymore for what you've done today. It just beyond words to show how I'm happy that you're around. You're simply amazing.

Wow..!! this entry is just too long now. Got to log off now before it's too late....hehehehhe

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My mistake

I messed up with my blog. I’ve mistakenly upload the wrong coding resulting to something I don’t prefer..

Well, everybody has their own bad day…

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st step..


Not to say that I know exactly what I'm doing but, I'm just trying my luck in this. Wait for my edited version pictures and the coming soon new blog. Adios sanchez..!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

It just so coincidence that during Teacher's Day, I got to see my former lecturer from USM. Well, she is now still teaching but not in USM anymore. She joined Kolej Tunku Jaafar, Nilai some 6 years ago if not mistaken.

So, never thought that she'll be in PD with her family. She stayed for 3 days in Palm Spring. It just opposite Tiara Beach Resort. Nice and beautiful place but a bit creepy because the area is just so huge but not so many people around. Anyway, as long as you can relax your mind and body, I say what the heck...

Her name is Puan Ruaida but most of her student call her Kak Yang. She was also our hostel master and I bet any USM student who used to stay in Lembaran will know her even until today. Still the same friendly person. Seem like she never get old. Still love to cook and I enjoyed very much.

We found our way to swimming pool. What relieved me with the pool is that, the deepest water inside the huge pool is just 0.7 metre deep. It's about Hazwan' chest only in standing position. So, no worries...minimal supervision, kids having fun and dad can find his way with his camera. A win-win situation..heheheh

Mommy and Hafiz..Mandi pun still pakai Cloth Diapers...memang obsessed.


Bulat datang lagi

Juan and Sasha

And Hadi at the artificial beach pool

Happy Teacher's Day to my teachers and to all the teachers in the world.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Malaysia

I read a book from the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. The owner of Genting Group, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong did mentioned why the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and the government permitted him with the gambling license back in year 1970s

He stated that during those eras, there are lots of illegal gambling activities in Malaysia. By legalizing gambling, government can monitor all sorts of betting and minimizing illegal gambling activities. Starting from that day onwards, Genting in Malaysia has become one of the most successful gambling casinos in the world.

Today, in conjunction with the upcoming World Cup 2010… our trusted government wants to permit sports betting in Malaysia. The license will be given to Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s Ascot Sports Sdn. Bhd. and the betting will be operated at 200 out of 680 Sports Toto outlets offered by Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd. The reason to issue the license is part of steps taken to overcome illegal gambling and betting. The tax (enormous amount of it) can be collected by government and the revenue can be used to develop sports program in Malaysia. Currently, it is estimated that Malaysian place RM20 billion in bets a year to offshore and illegal bookie. If proper mechanism is worked out to legalize betting and gambling, our government can tap a huge amount of tax from this industry. After loosing a huge income from Penang and Selangor, this is some good news for certain party.

Isn’t this a de ja vu..? The late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong said, government granted Genting gambling license to minimize illegal gambling. Then in year 2010, the very same statement used by the government to justify their act to permit sport betting. If permitting crime will decrease the crime number, why in this lesson we learned the opposite? For me, the method taken to minimize the crime has failed to meet it objective.

Loan shark, Ah Long, Cheti Haram, the collapse of family institutional are all closely linked to gambling. It is true that gambling and betting can create a very handsome fortune but there are lots more dark side compares to good one. It is pity that our government lead by BN can’t see all these and just blinded by the money solely?

In case if Malaysian disobey or questioning the Sultan like what happened in Perak and Selangor, Pemuda BN will bravely come forward to be the Malay champion…lodging a police report, walking in a large groups as a symbolic of support received, handing over a formal disagreement letter to the related party/person, calling over all national television to express their displeased feeling against the party that questioning their Malay Sultan and the list goes on….I do hope that Pemuda BN will act the same because this issue is greater than the Sultan. The Quran prohibited it and so must we.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some pictures from Besut

I always have something to do with my camera everytime I come to Besut. At first, it just normal to me but after sometimes, I begin to realised the pattern. Probably there's a lots of people that I can count on to babysit my kids and resulting for me having extra time on doing what I wish.

Here is Hafiz listening Yassin recited by Tok Wan

..but wait, where is Hazwan...

 Don't run too far son..!! Mom will worry if you're not around

Mana la budak nie..??

Not to worry mom, I will still within your eyesight..promise..

I just excited about witnessing a cross-culture like these dancers in Besut. They are doing shuffle dance. It made me smile looking at them.

..ahhh..this is good. A beach soccer

Ok, that's should be enough for this time now. We have to go back to PD. We'll be back again in the near future.

Say goodbye to Tok Wan. Hafiz will continue his learning to recite Yassin with Abah. See you Tok Wan...babai..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It’s Sunday


This is how we spend a quality time together on Sunday. Lovely isn’t it..? Everybody share a common goal.

Well, it has been an exhausting and sad week for us. Mak Tok (my wife’s grandmother) has just passed away on 7.30pm last Sunday. We packed our stuff and departed to Besut the very same hour after received the news. The 9 hours journey was the killer. My wife had to stay awake to keep me company or otherwise nobody will drive the car.

Arrived at 6.30am on Monday straight away making myself busy with the funeral preparation. I just don’t feel right to sleep even though I was so sleepy. After all, I’m paying my last respect to Mak Tok.

The funeral took place after Zohor. Hadi followed every event that happened. He even stand just at the edge of the grave during the funeral. The view was so clear that Hadi can describe exactly to Hazwan after that. I’m amazed with Hadi. The event changed my view about him.

Alhamdulillah, the funeral went well. It was my 1st experience to bury a body in sandy graveyard. I learnt something from it. After the funeral, everyone fall asleep like a baby. What a relief.

So, my parent-in-law organized a 3 days Tahlil for arwah. My family managed to contribute some help for 2 nights. Since the compassionate leave is only 3 days, we are already in PD during the 3rd night Tahlil. My wife and I only worked 2 days this week. Hadi and Hazwan only went to pre-school for 2 days as well. I pity my children on things that they have to face. Probably they’re 10 times tired than I am but I know my children will be ok….

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Khamis malam Jumaat

Selalu kita baca Surah Yassin tiap2 malam Jumaat. Kali nie aku tertarik dengan ayat 13-29. Dialog mengenai 3 orang Rasul yg di utuskan kepada satu kaum untuk beriman kepada Allah.

Dan buatlah bagi mereka suatu perumpamaan, yaitu penduduk suatu negeri ketika utusan-utusan datang kepada mereka; (ayat : 13)

(yaitu) ketika Kami mengutus kepada mereka dua orang utusan, lalu mereka mendustakan keduanya; kemudian kami kuatkan dengan (utusan) ketiga, maka ketiga utusan itu berkata: "Sesungguhnya kami adalah orang-orang yang diutus kepadamu". (ayat : 14)

 Mereka menjawab: "Kamu tidak lain hanyalah manusia seperti kami dan Allah Yang Maha Pemurah tidak menurunkan sesuatupun, kamu tidak lain hanyalah pendusta belaka". (ayat : 15)

 Mereka berkata: "Rabb kami lebih mengetahui bahwa sesungguhnya kami adalah orang yang diutus kepada kamu. (ayat : 16)

Dan kewajiban kami tidak lain hanyalah menyampaikan (perintah Allah) dengan jelas". (ayat : 17)

 Mereka menjawab: "Sesungguhnya kami bernasib malang karena kamu, sesungguhnya jika kamu tidak berhenti (menyeru kami), niscaya kami akan merejam kamu dan kamu pasti akan mendapatkan siksa yang pedih dari kami". (ayat : 18)

 Utusan-utasan itu berkata: "Kemalangan kamu itu adalah karena kamu sendiri. Apakah jika kamu diberi peringatan (kamu mengancam kami)? Sebenarnya kamu adalah kaum yang melampaui batas". (ayat : 19)

Diceritakan dalam kitab tafsir bahawa ketiga-tiga Rasul ini kemudiannya dipukul, dipijak dan direjam hingga mati. Mendengar peristiwa ini, datang seorang pemuda dari hujung kampung. Pemuda ini memeluk Islam ketika ketiga-tiga rasul ini berdakwah di pintu masuk kampung tersebut. Seterusnya ayat ini mencatatkan bait-bait kalimah dari mulut pemuda yang mulia ini
Dan datanglah dari ujung kota seorang laki-laki (Habib An Najjar) dengan bergegas-gegas ia berkata: "Hai kaumku ikutilah utusan-utusan itu, (ayat : 20)

 ikutilah orang yang tiada minta balasan kepadamu; dan mereka adalah orang-orang yang mendapat petunjuk. (ayat : 21)

 Mengapa aku tidak menyembah (Allah) yang telah menciptakanku dan yang hanya kepada-Nya-lah kamu (semua) akan dikembalikan? (ayat : 22)

 Mengapa aku akan menyembah tuhan-tuhan selain-Nya, jika (Allah) Yang Maha Pemurah menghendaki kemudharatan terhadapku, niscaya syafa'at mereka tidak memberi manfa'at sedikitpun bagi diriku dan mereka tidak (pula) dapat menyelamatkanku? (ayat : 23)

 Sesungguhnya aku kalau begitu pasti berada dalam kesesatan yang nyata. (ayat : 24)

 Sesungguhnya aku telah beriman kepada Rabbmu; maka dengarkanlah (pengakuan keimanan) ku. (ayat : 25)

Telah jelas bahawa orang2 kampung tersebut membencikan kebenaran. Apabila ketiga-tiga rasul tersebut menyeru supaya beriman kepada Allah, mereka dipukul hingga mati. Kemudian, pemuda yg juga melihat peristiwa zalim tersebut tiba2 bangun dan berucap membenarkan apa yg rasul katakan. Lalu dia juga dipukul, dipijak dan direjam hingga mati.  

Dikatakan (kepadanya): "Masuklah ke surga ". Ia berkata: "Alangkah baiknya sekiranya kaumku mengetahui, (ayat : 26)

 apa yang menyebabkan Rabbku memberikan ampun kepadaku dan menjadikan aku termasuk orang-orang yang dimuliakan". (ayat : 27)

Maka berbangga riaklah orang kampung "padan muka kau. kalau kau ikut cakap kami tadi, nescaya kau akan selamat. sekarang kau dah mati..sia-sia sahaja kematian engkau wahai pemuda " (lebih kurang begini la). Dan seperti kebiasaan, apabila Nabi atau Rasul sudah tidak ada pada satu kaum, maka tidak ada alasan untuk melengahkan bala dari Allah.

Dan Kami tidak menurunkan kepada kaumnya sesudah dia (meninggal) suatu pasukanpun dari langit dan tidak layak Kami menurunkannya. (ayat : 28)

 Tidak ada siksaan atas mereka melainkan satu teriakan suara saja; maka tiba-tiba mereka semuanya sunyi sepi tidak hidup lagi (ayat : 29) 

Seperti ada kebakaran diwaktu malam...keadaan akan jadi sangat hening dan senyap sunyi apabila kebakaran sudah selesai diwaktu pagi. Itulah maksud yang paling hampir untuk menggambarkan perkataan Qhomidun.Keadaan yang sangat sepi.

Maka kalau kita tgk kembali peristiwa nie, Rasul pun mati, orang kampung pun mati. Nabi Musa pun mati, Firaun pun mati jugak. Semua orang pasti mati tanpa pengecualian. Cuma lagi, lepas mati tuh ke mana hala tujunya. Moga kita tak sama hala dengan Firaun...
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