Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My current project

This is my current project in China

The vehicle should fall under compact SUV class. As you can see from the picture below, the segmentation is justifiable.

     If not mistaken, there will be a motor show within this few weeks in Beijing and currently, everyone is preparing for it. The car in the picture is not in the market yet and probably months away before you can purchase it. Nevertheless, Youngman (our client) is prepare to make a tease on this one. Probably one of many ways to get useful feedback from the market before formally launch the model.

I'm more trained to design plastic part. So in this picture, I'm more interested in looking at the door trim.

Center Console, Parking Brake, Cup Holder area and Gear Knob

Center Stack, ICE, HVAC Controller etc

Ambient blue light to give luxurious feeling to passenger and driver. This was totally new for me when we first saw it during design stage.

Center Console

Lovely back seat

The view from back seat (with the steering still WIP)
So, how much would you pay to get this car..?? hehehehe..

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