Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Farewell Kak Linda & Abang Nusi

Kak Linda is an office mate to my wife. She and her husband were also a graduate from USM in HBP (House Building and Planning – remember Ali Setan..??). I kind of feel attach to them when they said they graduated from USM. Probably, I miss USM very much. Feel like there is some emotional attachment every time I meet anyone whose graduated from USM.

Anyway, Kak Linda has served Politeknik PD longer than my wife. She finally decided to pursue her study in MhD. So, she got a university in Australia to realize her ambition. She is not going there alone; she took the whole family (a husband and 2 child) with her. For the next 2 years, Australia will be their home.

I always respect to this group of people. The people that leave their bright career behind to pursue their study. The people that willing to let go their comfort zone and welcoming hardship in their life.

Al Amin bin Hassan (my Aerospacian family) is among my friend that doing that now. He had a bright career in front of him. He has spent a few years climbing the corporate ladder and yet he let it all go to pursue his study in MhD.

To forget about my current salary and becoming a student again is something that I find it very hard to do now. By becoming a student again, I’m not sure how can I support my increasing family. I don’t have the formula right now. Due to that, I give my full respect to those people that break the formula. It so amazing and I wish you guys..Kak Linda, Aband Nusi and Al Amin Hassan all the best in everything.

2 Response to Farewell Kak Linda & Abang Nusi

February 25, 2010 at 7:14 PM

you still can work and pursue study at the same time; by taking courses in part time mode offered by various universities in Malaysia.

but still need to depends on several factors i.e. the worthiness of higher degree towards your future job scope (MNC really appreciate those who have Masters and PhD). If the company doesnt, you still cud use ur higher degree after age of 58, by serving colleges and universities with awesome salary package since universities appreciate the work experience tht you have.

other factor is the desire..how strong you are to explore the part of postgrade life esp in part time mode.

sometime it doesnt need a formula to live a life, all it takes is determination plus strong desire. my 2cents ;)-since we didnt really talk to each other in USM bcos I was self-concious back then. I'm different now ;P.

February 27, 2010 at 1:07 PM

yeah, i can see that you're differeent now. so far, this is the longest comment i ever received in my blog..hehehe

I can't agree with you anymore. when you have strong desire on something, everything will be easy.

others have found their desire..i'm still searching mine

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