Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend on the beach again

My family and me had another breakfast on the beach again. My sister-in-law was also included in the trip. It just another weekend for her as long as she is away from UIA Hostel, then she’ll be ok.

Lovely morning…less people, less pollution, almost stagnant life…. I think everybody is enjoying that morning very much.

Later that morning, I was kind of flat a bit. Sister-in-law was so eager to ride a kayak and I don’t know where did she got that idea from. I have not doing any kayak for almost 10 years if not mistaken. If it was not because of she request to accompany her, I think the number will increase to 20 or 30 years. Lucky I still got the technique to paddle, otherwise it will be a shame for me..hehehhee..

Hadi and Hazwan also did try to paddle for a while. Hazwan was okay but Hadi just too afraid to the water. Hafiz got something else in his mind but he was doing okay as well. I love breakfast on the beach… far more better than having breakfast at any kopitiam..hehehe

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