Thursday, February 18, 2010

La Hot Spring

My wife managed to convinced me to move around a bit from my cozzy chair at Besut. She kept on asking me to go to La Hot Spring which is merely an hour from our home in Besut.

I was a bit skeptic when she said Hot Spring. Why should I go to a hot spring during a hot blazing day? What's wrong with being lazy and sleepy while reading a book? Why can't we just stay at home and boil a kettle of water from the convenience of the kitchen? It will be less than 15 minutes to get it boiled. But I finally agreed to go because I felt pity to my children....and because I'm a good husband too...heheheheh...

You know what women love to hear from a man..?? " I was wrong "...and that's exactly what I said that day (in my heart and she doesn't know it). It was a pleasant place to be. The water is shallow and I don't have to worry about my kids. When the kids have fun, I'm happy too. It just that we came a bit late that day. If only we could be there a bit early, it'll be more fun I guess...

Hazwan "the crocodile"

Enjoying the sauna

Tok Wan was also enjoying the healthy sauna

Che Din aka "Smeagle"

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