Saturday, March 20, 2010

My dissapointment

I thought I'm gonna have some vibrant pictures of Putrajaya Hot Air Baloon recently. Purposely planned to snap some pictures during Saturday nite. I took my family on Saturday evening in hope that we can reach somewhere 8.30pm at the baloon area. All the baloons will be on ground at nite but they still keep it in shape by turning the burner once in a while. I wish that I could snap few pictures of glowing baloon. Against the dark nite skies with the right angle and exposure, I will find my way to get the shot that I dreamed.

What I sketched in my head never actually materialize. I never expect the road was so jammed pack that nite. I failed to keep my shcedule on time which due to the traffic. Instead of walking near to the baloon, we ended up walking inside Masjid Putrajaya. I just screwed up...

I only manage to record one scene from that dissapointing nite. And from the scene, this is the best picture that I can get. I just only leaned to the nearest wall. My hand shakes quite a lot....I hate this picture..

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