Sunday, March 28, 2010


I really have a deep respect to Malay entrepreneur. Often when I met one, my heart mixed with envy and respect. Envy to their courage in mastering their own destiny and respect to their restless hard work to become who they are today.

Today, I had a valuable visit to one of the well-known cloth diapers (CD) product in KL. I’m not quite sure what other products can be found from this company but when it comes to CD, Lunatots will always come along with it.

Office of Lunatots

It was my wife Saturday’s morning to-do list actually. As usual, I will be her best companion in everything and I will always included in her to-do list no matter what. So in my mind, that Saturday event was a routine. I never realize it was something remarkable until I stepped into the Lunatots office.

I met the owner, the designer, and the founder of Lunatots brand and had a wonderful chat that day. The business run by both husband and wife who are still young and still below 30 (at least for another 3 years..hehehe). They are both from IT background and formerly worked for IT Company. The wife started this business as a part time job and decided to work full time some years afterward. The husband then follows his beloved wife footstep.

My wife and Suraya

Syazwan doing some inventory

In my typically complicated engineering mind, I was thinking how on earth 2 degree holder from IT background can ended up selling diapers and make a living..?? I got myself stressed thinking about this the whole day. I can’t find any logic answer for that. And for that kind of thinking, I’m still leaning to Lotus (I’m working here) for my income. For that kind of thinking, I never success leaving my comfort zone all this while. I jumped out from my comfort zone once, but I decided to jumped in again as I don’ have the guts to do so.

That is why, I have a deep respect to Syazwan and Suraya. Today, they have 3 branches of Lunatots in KL and Selangor area. By selling diapers, there have 3 branches around KL and Selangor….3 Branches..!! OMG.. I’m stressed…

Product range

Product range again

Working mummy

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