Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful day

Well, here I am…my last day in China. The day that I’ve been waiting for quite sometime. Probably, since the first day I step my foot on China land.

My flight is schedule to depart from Pudong, Shanghai around 3.30pm and reach KLIA around 9.00pm. I woke up early as usual and can’t sleep. Pretending to be busy I think what I did was packs and unpacks and packs again my stuff inside my luggage. By 10am, I checked out from the hotel.

I can always hire a taxi from hotel to airport but I refuse to do so. One thing that I want to try in Shanghai is the fast train called MAGLEV. This fast train just has 2 stations…Shanghai City and Pudong, Airport.

This is how the fast train looks like.
Inside the train.
Inside, it just similar to any other fast train in China except this particular train is faster than any other train in China. It took only 8 minutes or so from Shanghai City to Pudong Airport. It’s amazing how civilian can travel as fast as 430km/h with just RM25. I will have no problem using this public transportation again if I ever come to China. So convenience yet so cheap. was still 0 km/h
5 minutes after that, the train cruised with its maximum speed.
Boarding at Pudong Airport
After nearly 6 hours of flight, I finally reached KLIA. The air is so refreshing. My wife came along with my kids to fetch me from KLIA. Every hugs and kisses from my family is a joy in my heart. My brother also was there to welcome me home. Thanx to Abang E and Kak Mona for coming. I got the taste of Nasi Goreng Cina in KLIA that night. Hahahahah…

I’m gonna miss Jinhua. The peoples are friendly and kind. If it not because of language barrier, I’ll be making a lot of friends from mainland China by now. And I also love Malaysia where I can find my family and friends here. Although KL is nothing to compare with Shanghai in modern aspect, family is what matter for me in the end.

I love to back and I appreciate every experience that I gained throughout my journey in China. Right now, I’m going for Halal Pizza Hut…..

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