Sunday, September 12, 2010

Open House

Celebrating Raya this year has been totally different from any Hari Raya celebration I ever had. In the country where Muslim is minority, you’ll miss the sound of azan after sometimes because there is no masjid in here. Therefore, I can only perform Sunat Tarawikh in my room the whole Ramadhan month. I know there should at least a surau here but I just couldn’t find the location. I also know that for special event like Solat Sunat Hari Raya, people in Jinhua will gather in an open area to perform the solat and listen to the khutbah.

My Chinese language is lousy so information is not that up-to-date. I thought Friday is Hari Raya and with confidence, I asked the muslim restaurant about the venue to perform the Solat Sunat Hari Raya. To my surprise, Jinhua already celebrates Raya on Thursday. My wife laughed at me when I told the incident. Ceh..!!

Anyway, my Malaysian friends plan to have a potluck as a replacement for open house. It just only 8 of us but it were fun and we really had a great time together.

Please don't mind the Tiger's Desmond's house.

After we had our dinner, we were fooling around with my camera and flashgun. The result …. STUNNING….hahahhahaha… we got a few good shot to share and laugh. Experiment and experiment.

Doing something different can paint color in our life. My friends here really help me to ease the feeling being away from my family. I really do not have anything to complaint about. Comparing myself with the Pakistani that have to celebrate their Raya without house and food because of the flood. If we also take consider the never ending story of Somalia, Darfur and Palestine.. I can say I am in a far better condition compare to them. At least, I still have a cozy house and variety of food to enjoy during Hari Raya. I should be thankful to all that.

This the best picture....hehehhehehe

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