Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting for sunrise

I woke up early this morning and I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited about going back to Malaysia that I wish sunrise will come early today. Hehehehe…Today will be my last day in Jinhua and by 10.15am, I’ll be saying goodbye from a first class fast train.

But flight to Malaysia will only fly tomorrow. This trip to Shanghai is just a transit before I can catch my flight in Pudong Airport. Since I’m already here in China, why not take a little tour to the most populous city in the world. At least, a few pictures will be just fine for me. Hehehe…

So here I am, checking in a hotel located near to People’s Square in the heart of Shanghai. Purposely choose this location because it’s near to Nanjing Road and The Bund. Well, there are a lot more beautiful place compare to this area but if we want to buy imitate product…Nanjing Road is the best place that I know so far.

The nearer the hotel to People’s Square area, the more expensive it will be. So, I choose a hotel that is not so far but close to Metro LRT Station so that it will be easy for me to go places.

Shanghai is a modern city but full with history. The city has been around since 5th century and it evolves from one dynasty to another. Historical places are preserve nicely and the modernization is well blended into the city. The people are tourist friendly since lots of Shanghai people can speak English…so; vacation in Shanghai is not a bad idea at all. But if you like privacy, then 19.2 million people live in Shanghai can give you a rough idea how crowded the city is.

Nie dalam bilik hotel nie...harga hotel okay ja, tapi bilik besar tak ingat. 4 orang lepak pun still okay lagi..
Nie kawasan pedestrian kat depan hotel. Bersih dan cantik
Nie plak time malam.
Pawagam nie masih lagi beroperasi. Masa petang tadi, ada orang shooting filem/dokumentari kat depan Cathay nie.
Hotel Le Meridian. Mmg hotel yg located betul2 depan People's Square. Memang mahal tak ingat.
Nanjing Road...kalau jalan terus ikut laluan nie sampai ujung, boleh sampai The Bund.
Disebabkan terlalu sibuk window shopping kat sini, sampai terlupa nak amik gambar. dah balik baru sedar tader gambar. last sekali, berdiri kat tgh jalan..pastu amik gambar depan hotel.
Woarrr...!!! can't wait to go back to Malaysia tomorrow. Better go to sleep early so that I can prepare my luggage for the journey. Altough Shanghai is a beautiful city at night but the idea of going back to Malaysia tomorrow really make Shanghai less fascinate place for me. I just want to go home,

2 Response to Waiting for sunrise

September 26, 2010 at 9:34 AM

Onn .. you gotta teach me how you do it! the first pic loh! tell me! tell me!...

September 26, 2010 at 5:05 PM

hahaha...boleh jaa..
roti nan garlic satu....hahahha

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