Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aerospace Alumni

Aerospace Engineering Alumni organized a dinner today in Shah Alam. After 9 years I left the school, I never joined any of USM gathering, dinner or alumni what so ever. This is going to be the first time.

Kirk (Kamarul), the first badge of School of Aerospace Engineering has become a Deputy Dean to the school that he used to earned his degree. Never realize time goes by so fast.

Kirk kat tengah-tengah
Prof Zaidi (Dekan)

Before the dinner, there was a speech from Deputy Dean about the current condition of the School. In the speech, we were told that the syllabus has evolved several times to make it relevant to the industry. This has been done with the collaboration with the industry panel such as Spirit Aero Industry and CTRM. When the slide about the syllabus appears to the screen, I can see a lot of different from what I used to learn during my degree studied. Astronautic subjects have lessened and have been made as an elective subject. Lots of lab practice including composite lab are introduced to enhance the student knowledge. This is so different during my era. We are more on theory because we don’t have adequate facilities at the time.

Mat Kie (kiri) jadi Panel Industry dari CTRM. Pak Nai plak dari SCOMI
The collaboration with industry also was another good thing that the School introduces. By this, students don’t have to bother about Industrial Practical because these companies are willing to take them anytime. Even better when the students complete their degree, they can just continue to work at the same company. This is proven when the dinner itself was attended by majority of Spirit Aero engineers. This is truly remarkable.

Yang baju-baju biru tuh budak-budak Spirit Aero la tuh..
My only concern during the Q & A session was, what are the different between Aerospace USM, Aerospace UPM, Aerospace UIA and Aeronautic UTM. The syllabus showed by Kirk was no different from the other 3 (I believe so…). Unless we can produce graduate with the right attitude and knowledge or we are just another statistic.

I got nothing against the new system and syllabus. In fact, I think I should support the effort. Finally the school found it ground and direction to move on. I was the second badge for the programmed and I don’t think the previous founder ever had any direction for School of Aerospace Engineering that time. We learned everything from relevant to irrelevant subject because our Dean does not know what to expect in the industry. This became worst when the student also does not have clearer view on what they’re going to be after they graduate. That’s why if we look at my badge today, we are scattered in all over industry. Only a few can make it to the real Aerospace Company.

I really hope that School of Aerospace Engineering USM will not repeat the same mistake like what they did to us. I really hope the student will excel. Insya Allah and all the best…

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