Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time to get my car back

I received a call from Machang Workshop saying that my car has been completely repaired. Well, I did not expect that it’s going to be this early as from my friends and my own experience speak the opposite. I guess, the workshop is pushing their limits so that they can finish their work before CNY. It’s good news for me.

So, after mush of thought with my wife, we decided to balik kampung (Besut) by train. I used to take my family on a train ride to Alor Setar but I never had any experience going to east coast by train. Guess, this is the perfect chance to do so.

So we booked a first class coach that cost us RM190 from Seremban to Wakaf Baru. The train departs at 9.45pm and estimate to arrive Wakaf Baru at 9.15am the next day. The kids are so happy when hearing the plan. We can see the excitement in their face when they saw the train came that night.

The first class coach is cozy. The room is just sufficient for the 5 of us. After all, we can walk along the train from coach to coach, we can have drinks at the canteen and we can also use any of the clean toilets inside the train. Travel can be so easy when you have al the necessities that you want.

Ada budak tak pernah naik keretapi...Juan ngan Hadi dah pernah naik dah...heheh

Abah tidur kat katil atas
Mama tidur kat katil bawah
Main jer..nak bolehkan tidur, jenuh kena marah dulu
I always enjoy travel with train since I was a very small kid. I witnessed the evolution that KTMB implement throughout the last 3 decades. I even travel to Bangkok with train once in year 2002. The journey took me about 22 hours before I can reach Bangkok from Alor Setar but it was a pleasant journey and I wish to repeat it again if I got a chance.

Budak-budak, tidur kat bawah sekali..heheeh
Kat Stesen Kem Kasturi

Only one thing that remains constant with express train from KTMB…it never arrive on time. We supposed to arrive at Wakaf Baru at 9.15am but we decided to off board the train at Tanah Merah because it just too long already. By the time we reach Tanah Merah, it is already 12.30 pm. From Tanah Merah to Wakaf Baru, probably it will take another hour. We just couldn’t wait anymore.

But again, I’m used to that and it is excusable for KTMB because I enjoy travelling with train. I hope, with the construction of 2 railways one day can solve this problem effectively. Thanks KTMB..!!

2 Response to Time to get my car back

February 4, 2011 at 2:02 PM

kupis comey rambut senget.... haha

selimut ad lambng ktmb tuh mcm bes gak klu dpt satu.... huhu

February 6, 2011 at 12:25 PM

huh....dan lagi nak suruh orang rembat selimut ktmb tuh...heheheh

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