Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thinking about my previous counterpart

During the early days of my work as an engineer, I was assign to follow this senior engineer whatever he do or where ever he go. He is Scottish and probably somewhere around 55 years old that time.

Although, the age distance between us is huge but the Scottish guy is really cool and very experience both in life and work. He may looks like 55 at the outside but inside, he’ probably early 30s or something. I guess, the quote saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” suit him very well.

We discussed about a lot of things. From work to life, from life to religion, from religion to everything else. I actually learned a lot from these discussions. He likes to talk and I enjoy listening. One of our discussions happened to be in the month of Ramadhan when fasting is compulsory to every Muslims. Well, we’ve discussed a lot of things before so he become a bit outspoken to me when we talk. He said, “I think, the reason why Muslims is fasting today because your prophet (Muhammad pbuh) was a poor man during his time. He doesn’t have enough food to eat so he made fasting as part of religion obligation to Muslims.”

We always discussed about religion but that was the first time he ever said something about Prophet Muhammad pbuh directly. I felt the phrase was offensive and being a naive fresh graduate who is trying to change the world into a better place, I found myself trying to debate for what I believe. In the discussion, I try to compare Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus but I just couldn’t find any clue at all. Then I realized, we Muslims are thought to love Prophet Jesus the same way we love Prophet Muhammad. We don’t even differentiate any of them because they are the messenger of Allah. To believe the Prophets is part of our faith as a Muslim.

If we browse through the internet about Jesus vs Muhammad, we will easily find more than a dozen of website about the title. Most of it will come from Christian, not Muslim. Then in the comparison, they will degrade our beloved Prophet Muhammad in such way that is hurting us as a Muslim. I could not understand this in the beginning. For me, this is not the way to find the truth. It is more like a method to win a campaign.

Then after I know about Ahmed Deedat, I begin to understand things in a bigger scope now. Instead of hating the website that degrades Prophet Muhammad pbuh, I actually pity them. Clearly when they made the comparison, they’re actually showing their lack of understanding about Christian and Islam at the same time. They use facts from their Bible as their ground but they neglect the purity of their Bible. History told us that Bible has gone series of revision for so many times already. The revision and translation has made the Bible irrelevant as an evident. At the end not only they degraded Islam as a religion but they also degrading their own religion with so many inconsistent facts from the Bible. Then, who is actually the winner..?? Nobody.

For me, there should be no reason at all to look down or humiliate any of these two great men. Both of them are the messenger of Allah and both of them created a great history until today. Hope everyone will found the truth someday. Insya Allah

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