Monday, January 10, 2011

Non-School Holiday

Finally, everything is back to normal again. The last school holiday, really changed Port Dickson to some sort of wonderland. There were a lot of people here...well there were always a lot of people during every weekend but weekend + school holiday is just extra ordinary. It made Port Dickson cramped with people and cars.

This is taken today. Waktu cuti sekolah bebaru nie, pukul 12 tghari pun penuh orang mandi-manda kat Pantai Saujana (Batu 4) nie. Gilo,,

During non-school holiday (ordinary day), Port Dickson is just nothing but peaceful and calm. The traffic condition, the public facilities, the dining place etc. is just sufficient for the population here. But when the population increase by triple/quadraple, Port Dickson just couldn’t coop with the situation. When Port Dickson couldn’t coop with the situation, you’ll see a lot of traffic jam everywhere, restaurant can only entertain your order only after an hour of waiting, police roadblock are everywhere and mat rempit or teenagers with unidentified kind of trend spoiling your view. That’s why, most of the time when school holiday arrived, I will spend less time in Port Dickson compare to any other day.

Don’t blame me yet. This is just my personal opinion and I know some people might beg to differ. Businessman here for instance, they made a lot of profit during school holiday in Port Dickson. No matter what kind of business they are into, they can get a huge portion of the cake when school holiday come. I’m happy for them. At least, they can get the best school uniform for their kids when school is open again. It’s what a father can give to makes their child happy.

The other thing during this particular time, people that I know will always ask my opinion on lots of hotel in Port Dickson. Does it make any sense that I have to know every hotel in PD..?? Does it..?? I mean, think it this way, I live in PD. I have my own house in PD that I share with my family. Why in the world people think that I know every single hotel in PD when I can just stay in my own house for free..?? Does it make any sense..?? A decent hotel room in PD can cost me RM3++ per nite and even higher during school holiday. It just not worth it to spend my money that much when I can choose not to spend at all. But still people come to me years after years to hear me saying something about hotel in PD. I just don’t get it.

Back to normal again. Budak bertiga nie, mandi pantai dengan penuh rasa privacy sampai mandi pun tak pakai apa-apa. Tak malu betul

Anyway, I think Port Dickson is dynamic and unique. Some place has 4 seasons in a year and the changes of environment give the people new life for every new season. For me, Port Dickson has something else that can offer the same outcome even without those 4 seasons in a year.

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