Friday, December 11, 2009

Khutbah Jumaat

It’s Friday. Like any other Friday, I will spend my afternoon in the nearby mosque to hear the khutbah and to perform the solah.

I have a mixed feeling about khutbah. I’ve experienced a bored khutbah, a touching khutbah, a courage khutbah, a weak khutbah, and the list goes on. For me since it is compulsory to every muslim, khutbah should be an effective medium to guide the ummah. Although the khutbah can preach about ‘Buah-buahan Malaysia’ or ‘Berhati-hati di jalanraya’, I really hope that khutbah can come up with a topic far more important than that.

Today for example, I’m not sure what is wrong but I guess the combination of the preacher and the topic that makes the khutbah a bit bored. A man on my left, he slept even before the khutbah started. The man on the right, busy with his iPhone which I found it very rude. No one is paying any attention to the khutbah. I bet, no one can even remember what the khatib had said during the khutbah.

If a khutbah is delivered in the right way with the right topic, I don’t think people will fall asleep. Nowadays, people in Malaysia are hunger for knowledge especially in religion. I have experienced a lot of good khutbah. Typically, when khatib is not using any text from JAKIM or JAIS or JAINS etc, the khutbah will be a good one. Most probably, the text is just too general and not really connected to the local people. It can be anything, I’m just guessing.

A friend of mine did mumbling to me about a bored khutbah. He said, we have to stop at least 2.5 hours of production during Jumaat (2.5 hours = 150 cars = RM9 Million of lost). If the khutbah is ineffective and bored, can we blame the khatib and sue him for our lost..??

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