Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Day

I’m going back to Alor Setar this X’mas Eve. No intention of celebrating X’mas but just taking some advantage from the public holiday during end of the year. I also just fixed and painted my car. It all black and shiny now, just like a black mirror…hahaha..

Abah and Yong can’t wait any longer to meet Hazwan. Hazwan has become their best because Hazwan is friendly towards anyone. You can do anything to Hazwan and yet you can hardly hear him getting angry or moody or something. Hadi also has become their best as well because Hadi is just a silent type of child. He doesn’t create a lot of headache to Abah and Yong, that’s why they like him. But the most waited person is actually Hafiz. Probably because Hafiz is still cute and easy to nurse him…hahaha, anyway I just can’t wait to be in Alor Setar. The green padi field is waiting my camera there.

Kak Nim finally back for good from Italy. She and her family were also in Alor Setar. It was a great breakaway.

Kak Nim, Abang Joi, Hafiz, Aishah and Amir



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