Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Holiday

Hahaha…a bit unfortunate this time. I can’t find a perfect timing for my photography session with nature. Been busy with family and niece. But at least I got one picture of green padi field on the way coming back to PD. Here it is…

Thanx to this awek...she was so generous to give me a pose...hehehe

It was a very long journey coming back to PD that Sunday. It was ok and smooth from Alor Setar to Juru but approaching Kuala Kangsar, it was totally the opposite from smooth and ok. It jam packed from bumper to bumper. The fastest that I can go was only 30km/h. I can only be patient until we reached Simpang Pulai Toll and that is the limit. I decided to use the old road but it can only lasted for 5 minutes when we realized the old also was experience the same thing like the highway.

So, switched to plan C…we turn our way to Tronoh. From there, we can reach Klang easily and the road condition also is ok. We made a stop to UTP, the place we used to be during our 1st year in USM. The place just turn into such a beautiful place. Never thought its gonna be like that. The last time we were here was in year 1999. It has been 10 years now.

It was getting dark..somewhere around 6.30pm + its cloudy. So I just keep my camera away this time.

Then, made a stop at Giant Teluk Intan. Meet with Usop. My best friend Usop. Spend a while with him at the nearest McDonald’s there. Hit back the road and we reached home around 12.30am that nite. Did I mention the time we depart from Alor Setar? We started to moved from my parent’s house at 11 o’clock in the morning. best buddy...dah gemuk sikit dah mamat nie..

What a journey…

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