Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hujan Bukan Penghalang

It just my habit that I like to go to places. I enjoy travelling so much that I just care less about how do I travel. Once I used to visit Bangkok and my means of transportation from Malaysia is train. The journey took me about 20 hours but that never bored me. In fact, I plan to go to Russia with train one day if I got a chance.

The same habit also took my family to places. Well, to move all 5 members of my family at once is costly so we plan our destination accordingly. Last weekend, we went to Lost World of Tambun. Along’s and Angah’s family were also among the group. Like some famous saying goes “ the more the merrier”… I can’t agree anymore with that phrase.

Main entrance
We rent a homestay for like RM90 per day. So economical if we compare to stay in a hotel. The homestay also is so near to Lost World of Tambun. We were there for 3 days 2 nights. With so many facilities nearby, the homestay really feel like home after all.

Hadi, Hazwan and Hafiz were the happiest with this trip. With their cousins in the same house, they never stop playing which each other. Our house was so noisy for 3 days and 2 nights that my wife got headache after that. Hehehe.

The middle "pillar" is where the rock climbing activity taken place
Lost World of Tambun surrounded by a beautiful hill. The water park itself is like a natural valley of that area. I’m quite surprise with the beautiful and natural scenery. Apart form the beautiful scenery, I’m not sure what is the other main attraction but we can find variety of activities suitable for family. Kayaking, boats paddling, rock climbing, zoo petting are among the family activities that we can enjoy.

Hadi, Juan and Hafiz with their cousins
Sebab tak cukup 90cm, Hafiz dapat masuk free
Senyum sebab tak payah bayar...heheh
Ultraman Tiga

Bersama ibu Ultraman
Beraninya Hadi kasik makan angsa
Playing with racoon
Gambar bapak Ultraman pun ada gak..
The entrance fee is RM38 for adult and RM32 for children. On top of that if we add toll cost, fuel and accommodation… I think, Sunway Water Park is just good enough for people who leave in Seremban, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. Just my 2 cents. Anyway, had a good trip and wonderful scenery. The only setback is, too many cars in the highway on the way home.

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November 11, 2010 at 3:15 PM

geram tgk dudak tu pakai baju mandi.. bulat jer.. gmbr penat tido atas pelampung tader amik ek? abg2 dia sayang sungguh kt adik bulat tuu..

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