Saturday, November 27, 2010

My brothers and me

School holiday is here again. It is normal during this season; many families will plan their vacation together. These include my brothers’ families. This week, they came to PD as part of their vacation plan.

For my wife and me, we will try to avoid PD especially during school holiday. Based on our previous experience, PD will get congested with vehicle and people during school holiday. It is so true that when we had our dinner at a restaurant near Teluk Kemang, we have to wait for merely 50 minutes for our meal. The restaurant was full packed. Even there’s no empty table but people keep on coming in. I believe the scenery is the same with any other restaurant in PD. We can’t escape that during school holiday.

Qasyief (Abang at the back)
Gathering kat Shah Alam dulu
The morning we had our breakfast the way we want it. Near to the beach, shady and windy area and kids can have fun at the same time. Hadi and Hazwan were not coming because both of them are in Besut with their Tok Wan. Only Hafiz can make it to play with his cousins.

Kak Mona and Kak Zura under the shady area
Naquish with Aimi at the back
Aimi, Hafiz and Afiq
To Abang E and Abang Joi, thank you for coming. Hope you guys had a great time in PD. We can’t offer you 5 star hotel because our house is rated somewhere 6 to 7 star. Hehehehe…. But we will welcome you again at anytime.

Hafiz dok melayan Pak Ngah dia

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