Sunday, October 24, 2010

We went to a wedding ceremony today. It is a wedding between Syed and Siti Marliza. Both of them used to be my wife’s classmate in MRSM Kuala Terengganu. Since they are from the same school, most of their guest are also their ex-classmate. Apart from wedding ceremony, this is also more like an informal re-union of their class.

I didn’t realized it was a wedding ceremony until I step my foot inside the wedding hall. Why..? because it just like a default setting in my head that all my friends are married, except Pyan, Sarul Ketam, Zairul, Che Yat and a few more. I thought it just like an ordinary kenduri or house warming or open house or things like that. When we reached the wedding hall, I just can’t believe I made the mistake. To make things worse, the whole wedding ceremony was designed by Pak Engku. Pak Engku was also the designer for Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding ceremony. When Pak Engku is the designer, this means all the big shot were also there. It was a huge and formal wedding ceremony far beyond my expectation. When compare to my attire that I put on, I only wish that I was somewhere else. Hehehehe… mistake, sorry…

After that, a small group of MRSM KT went to the nearby restaurant. Only then I felt so relief because there’s no formality anymore. To Syed and Marliza, Congratulation to both of you. May the future will be brighter. Amin….

Hope my wife love this picture

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