Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend on Saturday

It was suppose to be calm and peace in the morning. It’s public holiday and like most of working people, weekend is the time where we can relax with our family.

But the peaceful morning that I imagined didn’t really happened today. It was my Chinese neighbor who screams madly to her child and her scream can be heard like from few blocks away. If I’m not mistaken, the child is only the same age with Hazwan., about 3 years old only. I personally think that the mother is overreacted and the situation happened several times before. Poor little child.

Back in Alor Setar in my hometown, my father’s house also live near with Chinese neighbor. Also in several occasion, I can hear the family scream like mad. The father screamed to the son, the son screamed to the mother, the mother screamed to the son and the father and sometimes they just scream to each other at the same time. I guess, screaming is just a common way for Chinese to make their point heard. Especially in raising their child.

But when I was in Jinhua, I hardly seen parent scolding their children like in Malaysia. Instead, they pampered their children with all sort of love in this world. You see, China Government only allow one child in a family. Only in special cases where certain family can have two children. So, when a parent are allowed to have only one child in a family, it’s all make sense for these parent to pampered their only child with everything that they have. After all, this is the only chance to have a child in their live. Sometimes, when the grandparent is still alive and stay in the same house, you’ll see the grandparent will spoiled the children even more. Unconditional love.
I think, Malaysian Chinese should learn from Mainland Chinese in raising children. Yelling and screaming to our child is not a helpful solution to both parties. Why still shouting when what you shout is not understandable by the child. It’s pointless. After all, yelling and yapping can also cause a disturbance to the neighbors.

Well, there goes my relaxing weekend…..

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