Saturday, October 9, 2010

Open House..???? no....

During the last week of Syawal, we received a visit from Huda’s student. We don’t have any formal open house this year because schedule is just a bit hectic and crazy. So, when my wife’s student came, we can only served them with a simple mee kari and some crackers. According to my wife, this group of student is her favorites because the whole class somehow has the right attitude to succeed in the future. Well menace, good team spirit, respect the elders are among the keys that make this group loved by many lectures. I also have a good expression about this group during the visit although I never meet them before in my life.

Well, good student come and go. Whether they are good student or not, the lecturer main task is to educate them. I wish all the best in the future to the student. God bless you.

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