Monday, December 20, 2010

Credit Cards

I always cautious about using my credit card especially when it come to over spending. I hate to pay any interest charge on my credit card. Due to that, I only use credit card when I really have the money to pay. If today I swipe my card, tomorrow I will make sure the balance is zero again. That’s the rules of thumb that I’ve been practice all this while. It has been 4 years now since I pay any interest for my credit card and I’m proud with it.

I really think there should be some sort of reward for guys like me. I keep my account clear and the bank doesn’t have to waste their telephone bill on me every months. It has been 4 years straight now. But unfortunately, there’s not even a tiny bits of gift from the bank for me. Not even an email on my birthday, let alone any reward. Typical isn’t it.

But, let say if I forget to make the payment next month. I bet the bank will call in instant to give me a “gentle reminder” about the late payment. Typical again…?? Huh, tell me about it.
The only call that I got was from this credit card company where the company offers me with all sort of privilege in the world that’s too good to be true. At the end of 15 minutes over the phone (more like a monologue than dialogue because she speak the most), the company asks me for a permission to charge RM500 on my credit card before I can be eligible to all the privilege that she said. This is not privilege, this is scam. It just so annoying and a waste of time.

Actually, I’m not a kind of customer that the bank wants. You see, although I made my payment on time and keep my account clear; it is just good for me only. The bank doesn’t appreciate it because they can’t charge me and make profit from it.

If we think it again, the money inside the bank is actually our money. We save it inside there. The bank owns nothing but safety boxes only, yet when we want to make loan from bank, the bank will charge interest. The bank “loan” us our money and the bank charge interest on top of our money. How ridiculous..?? If everybody draw their every penny from banks in the same time for 12 months straight, I can say that our local bank will collapse. No way they can survive.

Anyway, it seem that I have to break the 4 years record this month. With school is about to start in a couple of weeks, road tax renewal, budget for vacation, ..bla..bla..bla.. I ended up spend more than I save. Next month, bank finally can have the taste of interest money from me and I hate it so much. Which is why I write this article tonight. Just to show that I don’t recognize the system used by our local bank.

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