Saturday, December 11, 2010

Everybody miss everybody

Weeks has gone since Hadi and Hazwan last seen in our house. Feel like something is missing and different. I don’t think anybody can stand it anymore. Both side to be exact. Hafiz is getting bored and lonely every time he’s at home. My wife and me keep saying their names too often and in kampung, Hazwan feel sick all of the sudden. Tok Wan said, he kept on asking where is mama and stuff.

Finally, we think it would be best if I just get them back from kampung and stay with us till the end of school holiday. We’ll figure out how and where they’re going to stay this couple of week later. For the time being, my mission is to get Hadi and Hazwan back. Miss them badly.

So, went back to kampung last Friday with express bus. Arrived Besut at 6.30 am Saturday. The very same night, I already on my way back to PD with Hadi, Hazwan and my sister-in-law with me. The two boys were so excited about travelling with bus. Me on the other hand, was worried that they might get hurt if they fall down.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah everything went smooth that night. We reached home on Sunday morning. It was a moment of that family re-union like we see in tv. Hehehehe…so drama queen…

Like I said before, everything went smooth till we reach our house, until my wife asked me a very good question. “ Where’s the kid’s bag..?”

Oopss…I think I left it in the bus…aduss…just another tiring day again but everything is worth it because we’ve finally together.

Hadi ngan Hazwan dalam bas. Kena rasuah Potato Chips dulu, baru boleh duduk diam
Tengahari Sabtu tuh, sempat lagi attend kenduri. Banyak makan sungguh Hadi ngan Hazwan nie.
Dengan Pak Lang (Dr. Shahrizan)

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