Friday, December 24, 2010

Murderer for 2nd time (merely)

Solat Sunat Musaffir 2 rakaat sebelum memulakan perjalanan. Semoga sepanjang perjalanan nanti akan jadi ibadat seluruhnya.

We departed from PD around 9.30pm last night. Plan is, we should be arrived Besut by Subuh on Friday.  I purposely choose Pantai Timur Highway although I know the journey will be slightly longer compare to the Kuala Lipis-Gua Musang road. I just want to have a straight, relax and lots of place that I could make a stop if necessary along the journey.
There was no heavy rain along the way last night but still, the road is wet and slippery. Nearing Subuh, the weather was so cold that mist started to occur.  I was doing 80km/h or less after we bypass Setiu. When we were just about 20 km to reach from Besut, a wild boar came from nowhere and crossed just inch from my car.
I tried to avoid the wild boar by steering the car to the right (I never plan it, it’s totally reflex). Then to the left and the car suddenly spin due to the slippery road. Then, I just lost control of the car and we crashed into the road side drain. Luckily nobody was hurt including the wild boar but my car is not doing that good. It has to be towed to the police station and I think, it just better if I just proceed with insurance claim. hahahah
There was a car behind us that was so helpful to give us a ride to Jertih that morning. We then took a teksi sapu to Besut. With 3 kids ,a wife and a younger sister with me, it will be best to take care of them first before the car.
Looking back at the accident area after that, I thank God that :-
1.) Everyone is okay. Not even a single scratch
2.) I escape to pay any sort of fine because I did not hit any lamp post in that accident. FYI, the road full with lamp post every 10 metres or so.
3.) The accident happened only 20km away from my parent-in-law house. I don't know what would I do if the accident happen in the middle of nowhere.
4.) and many more...
Jadi, apabila kita sampai ke tempat yang hendak dituju maka tunaikanlah Solat Sunat Syukur atau Sujud Syukur kerana Allah Ta'ala dan redhalah terhadap apa pun yang terjadi kerana Allah lebih mengetahui.
Keadaan kereta yang dah ditarik ke bengkel kat Machang. Waktu accident tuh, Juan duduk kat seat depan. Alhamdulillah, dia tak cedera langsung.

Bumper depan, Radiator, ATF Cooler System, Headlamp, Piping sket memang kena tukar. Sub-frame assy pun kena tukar gak..ada kena mengena ngan Cross Member kat bawah enjin

Alhamdulillah, enjin okay. Mungkin mounting dia lari sket.

2 Response to Murderer for 2nd time (merely)

December 29, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Alhamdu Lillah.. semua selamat..

December 29, 2010 at 10:36 PM

Begitulah adanya cerita...

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