Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can't stand staying in the hotel...

This is the hotel that I stay when I arrived at Jinhua. It’s call Best Western World Trade Hotel. The name of the hotel is like the second large after the hotel itself. It is hard to miss and easily seen from any direction of the road. But, if you tell any taxi driver in Jinhua that you want to go to Best Western World Trade Hotel, trust me that you will never reach there. Not even close.

The taxi driver will get you to the hotel only if you say it in Chinese. Xi Mao Ping Kuan..that’s the magic word that will get you to your place. This is because most of Chinese doesn’t know how to speak in English.

I just stayed in that hotel for a couple of days only. I just can’t stand to be alone for long period of time. So I moved into my friends apartment, Times Garden (Shi Dai Hua Yuan). At least, you can cook, you have friends and most important you can feel like home. Frankly say, I just lost focus easily in any conversation this few days. I can’t register things in my head. It’s like floating in the air. All I’m thinking is my wife and kids. So, by moving into apartment, at least I can pull myself together again and keep on going.

Here is my apartment from across a river at evening.

This is the view from my apartment facing the sunrise. It is 5.30am

This view is facing the other way also at 5.30am in the morning.
It is summer now. The temperature is just so high that can make me soak with sweat even at 5.30am in the morning. When I woke up to perform my solat subuh at 4.00am, the temperature was 33 degree. The local said, normally August is the peak time for summer where everyday will be hot, hot and hot. This year going to be some Ramadhan for me I guess.

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