Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to China..

So, I’m finally ready to go to China. The country that I never been before. An old country that full with extraordinary history. I can say China is one country that will fascinate anyone in this world.

My wife somehow found her way to KLIA just before I depart. We had a supper along with her friends that accompany her. It was a relax environment and I enjoyed it a lot. This is the picture during the supper.

It was hard to leave her all alone in Malaysia with 3 active kids. I can imagine the hardship that she’s going to face in the next 7 weeks without me. All that I can do is just pray to God to ease her burden everyday in her life. That’s all that I can do from distance.

My flight departed from Malaysia at 1.40am, Thursday. I thought I can have a good nite sleep in the cabin but I was wrong. I just realize that I can’t sleep sitting. When I arrived at Pudong Airport, Shanghai…the immigration had a thorough inspection of my luggage. They’re quite startled to found a huge cylinder like item in my luggage. I kept on telling them that the things that they suspicious much is nothing by my camera lens. Then, when I showed my Lotus ID card, they smile and let me go just like that. It just weird.

The other things that really shocked me is, the taxi driver does not even know a single English word. Not even an “ok” or “yes” or even “no”…and they drive like F1 driver except that they honk a lot even when there’s nothing odd in the front. It just their habits and they seem to enjoy it.

So, here I am…in the middle of nowhere with nobody to communicate to…

2 Response to Welcome to China..

August 11, 2010 at 9:02 AM

cik onn: nanti hang jangan makan yang bukan2x especially bebenda yg depa bakar tepi jalan tuh ekk. mana tau kot rindu kat chicken wing time bebulan poser nih.

huda: be strong. dan sememangnya kita kuat. hehehhe.. yang penting, diri kita settle dulu (in term of everything: makan, rehat, tidur, tenang)... baru anak2x akan settle

to all suami2x yg selalu tinggalkan istri for the sake of tugas: haaa... nanti dah tua jgn di lupa perkara ini... biasanya bila dah senang lenang naik pangkat sket, stabil sket tua2x nanti kang... mula la lupa bini...
hehehhe.. banyak lak ngomel..

August 12, 2010 at 12:01 AM

Insya Allah, aku akan jaga pemakanan aku...dan Insya Allah jugak aku akan ingat pasal pengorbanan wife aku nie...

Moga kami kekal bahagia selamanya..amin...

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