Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fu Tien, Yiwu

I went to Fu Tien last weekend. It’s a mega huge shopping complex in Yiwu. First, we took a taxi to Tung Chan (RMB 7). Then we took a bus to Nan Fang Lien, Yiwu (RMB 16). The journey took about 1 hour or so. From Nan Fang Lien, we took a taxi again to Gate A, Fu Tien (RMB 17).

I got my own reasons to include all the figures and places along the journey. Simply because I think I can start a business if I bring back lots of goodies from Fu Tien to Malaysia. Like I said before, Fu Tien is super huge and from my perspective, its like 5 or 6 times the size of One Utama in Malaysia. Inside, they are a lot of things that you can buy in bulk from as simple as hair comb till as complicated as machinery hardware.

In here, the deal will always in Chinese language. If you are a foreigner, you need to hire an agent to get the deals done. The agent can be found anyway in Fu Tien. Look for any Chinese that can speak fluent English with business card in his hand, then that should be your agent. This agent will help you with all the translation and negotiation but don’t trust him 100%. The agent also will find a shipping company for you to get your goodies back to Malaysia. When the goodies have arrived in Malaysia, then you need to have another plan to collect the goodies from Port Kelang. As for now, my information is limited due to my experience. I put all this information in this entry for my future reference.

At he front gate : Gate A
The is where I was at the Gate A. Just look at the whole area stretch to the back. So huge..
These are among  things that we can buy here. Believe me, all the stuf here is so cheap that I'm having a hard time to convince myself how cheap it is..
The educational toys
The robot.
The silver jewel for women
and of course, the camera shop as well
My friend almost bought this beautiful sword.
Pictures that I uploaded are among thousand of goodies that I can find in Fu Tien. There are many more pictures that are still in my keep.

I found a malay friend from Malaysia when I visited Yiwu a few weeks back. She was with her husband and a daughter. She was there to buy "few things" for her wedding boutique in Ampang. When she said she will use a container to bring all the stuff back to Malaysia, immediately I know that her transaction that day couldn't be less than RM50k but she said, the profit from the business is enormous. I wish, I could have my own business in the near future.

2 Response to Fu Tien, Yiwu

September 3, 2010 at 8:31 AM

wah, itu heli aa... sgt mengujakan. fighter jet ada tak cik onn? tolon usha sket berapa sen rega dia. radio 6 channel aku dah ada. kot beli jet jer, buleh dakk...

-potential customer-
hi hi hik hik

September 3, 2010 at 11:06 AM

boleh, kasik spec la nak macam mana..pastu...aku up la sket harga dia..heheheheheh

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